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Ok, the vehicle is a 99 OBS w/211k (not all me). Recently I've been losing more and more interior lights. Headlamp gone, tach gone, CEL gone(!), climate control cluster gone. I checked the fuses and they're all good. One was blown but it was for a headlight. I don't know what other cluster lights should be coming on (like CEL since its throwing an 0440 code, found that out after a failed inspection). So what can I do and what should I start checking? Please, I'm a noob so please be VERY specific. I need to get this fixed cuz I have to look into the CEL 0440 code and I can't deal w/that until I know my CEL (at least) works. Thank You in advance for the help. Sorry (admins) I was posting these in the wrong section (DIY).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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