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ok terrific.
'95 STi RA rep, rhd yo!
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Welcome to my Members' Journal. As with other Journals on this board, this will serve to document the buildup of my car, from the purchase in 2005 to the present.

More than just listing modifications, I will use this thread for discussion and to "think out loud." This will not only help me look at the big picture, but will help you understand why I took any specific route.

I'm also into automotive photography. While I'm still an amateur, I do get lucky sometimes. I'll post a selection of the pictures I take as well as a link to a master thread and/or the associated Flickr album. If you see a picture that Imageshack stopped hosting, please PM me with that specific post number and I will re-upload the picture.

New as of April 22nd of 2009, I'll add a post number behind a selection of modifications. Track down that post to find pictures, tech, and/or general discussion of that modification.


This is my second Subaru, purchased it back in September of 2005. I spent the summer after high-school working two jobs to be able to afford another Subaru, since I totaled my first one just weeks after graduation. After completely wiping out my bank account, I got a crash course in driving stick shift. Needless to say, my solo drive back up to my college was an interesting experience. :stafiseiz

The car is a 1995 Subaru Impreza L. While I couldn't afford much, I got the basics including a torque-less 1.8L, 5spd, AWD, ABS, AC, but no rear antisway. This was to change of course, but that will come in a future post.

Here is what the car looked like back in August of 2005, shortly before purchase. They were scanned, so expect much better quality pictures in future posts:

I didn't even purchase the car yet, and I was going around the car with a notebook, writing down things I would like to change once I purchased it. When the salesman saw that, he yelled "It don't need nothing, just leave it the hell alone!" :lol:

If you wish to follow what I did to get my car to where it is today, and what I intend to do in the future, please continue with the thread. For those in desperate need of cliff notes, here is my list of modifications (which will be updated):

EJ20G – 1995 WRX STi
APEX’I intake
Samco turbo-to-intercooler hose
STi intercooler coupling
Turbo XS exhaust – 4” downpipe, 3” trackpipe to RFL muffler
APEX’I Power FC, tuned by RT Tuning
FC Datalogit
APEX’I wastegate solenoid
550cc fuel injectors
Forge bypass valve
Perrin crankshaft pulley
Mach V exhaust wrap
GD ignition coil conversion
NGK Iridium IX spark plugs
Refinished “crinkle red” intake manifold
RCM oil cap
Turbo XS battery tie-down
STi Group N exhaust hangers
STi Group N engine mounts
STi Group N pitch mount
Greddy magnetic drain plug
Intercooler sprayer
Liqui Moly 5w40

WRX RA transmission
clutch-type rear LSD
mechanical front-LSD
Motul gear oil
B&M short shifter
Kartboy rear shift bushing
Urethane front shift bushing
Kartboy rear differential outrigger bushings

Tanabe GF210 springs
STi inverted struts
STi Group N strut mounts (front)
STi Group N front control arm bushings
STi Group N rear lateral link bushings
Perrin front swaybar, adjustable
Hotchkis rear swaybar, adjustable
STI rear antisway mounts
Karboy front swaybar endlinks
Custom aluminum rear swaybar endlinks
STi front strut tower brace
Megan Racing rear strut tower brace

4-piston front calipers
Legacy GT rear calipers, rotors
Hawk HPS pads (front and rear)
Motul brake fluid

JDM 95 STi hood
JDM 95 STi front bumper, bumper beam, with brake air ducts
JDM 95 STi front fenders
JDM rear bumper, bumper beam, license plate bracket
JDM V-Limited roof vent
JDM rear spats
JDM aeroguards
JDM STi rear spoiler
JDM STi fluted foglights
JDM STi foglight covers
JDM taillights
JDM rainguards
JDM clearcorners
JDM power folding mirrors, glass tinted blue
JDM front license plate
RS side skirts
STi rear diffuser
Clear sidemarkers
“i” grille emblem
Hella Sharptones, painted white/blue
Smoked front turn signals
Impreza RS trunk springs

RHD conversion, w/ automatic climate control
JDM 93 WRX tigerstripe seats, front and rear
Recaro child seat
Safety21 roll cage
Momo Race steering wheel
NRG carbon slim quick release
STACK electronic boost gauge
Autometer carbon fiber gauge pod
Innovate wideband
STi door panels
Power window conversion
JDM STi 9k tachometer
V-Limited headliner
Bozz Speed shift knob
STi carbon fiber shift pattern emblem
STi killswitch key
WRX metal pedals, w/ dead pedal
Pioneer head unit, w/ backup camera
Pioneer TS-G1641R speakers, w/ baffles (front)
Kicker amplified subwoofer
Dynamat Extreme – trunk, floor, doors
LED map light

RS 5-spoke wheels (gunmetal)
Bridgestone Potenza RE760 tires, 205/50R16

EJ20G Wiring Reference - Posts 953, 983-988, 992-999, 1003

All detailing products by Meguiars with the exception of Mothers Billet metal polish. :banana:

Modifications to this car seem to come in stages. That's about as much as I will share on that topic as there are many variables involved which will change over time.

Lastly, here is a more recent picture. I will update this for those of you who are too lazy to read through the thread. :p

Please by all means comment and add your .02. Any input is welcome! :sunny:


ok terrific.
'95 STi RA rep, rhd yo!
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Are you stalking me? First you PM me, then IM me, call me on the phone, Facebook my mom, drive across the region to my town, call me again, and now you're replying to MY thread? :lol:

How's the RS running?

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change the grille to a rs one, take the lip off, paint it all white, put rally mirrors on it and gold OZ supperlegeras(sp) and you have my dream car...... not knocking yours cause its beautiful its just urs is as close to my dream as ive ever seen

wanna sell it? :) haha

i just realized...where are your turn signals? haha

ok terrific.
'95 STi RA rep, rhd yo!
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September, 2005

I began sourcing parts immediately after purchase. Many parts came off of my previous Impreza, but I was able to sell some things to afford an Apexi SAFC as I planned to turbo the 1.8L. Simply referred to as "Mods Weekend," the goal was a 48 hour makeover of sorts. This weekend included:

-eBay intake
-2 1/4" custom catback
-rear lateral link conversion
-'97 rear antisway
-5zigen springs
-KYB GR-2 struts
-Megan Racing strut tower braces
-foglights w/ Sylvania Silverstars
-Sylvania Silverstars for headlights
-leather shift boot

This was also the weekend that I realized that my car had rear disc brakes. :banana:

We ended the weekend with a mountain run, taking this "Initial D" shot:

Next up... preparing for the 2005 Fall Foliage Run

ok terrific.
'95 STi RA rep, rhd yo!
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Preparing for the Fall Foliage Run, 2005

With the 2nd Annual Tri State Fall Foliage Run quickly approaching, I made a wild eyed attempt to modify the car to keep up with the RS' and WRX', at the same time keeping within a strict budget. The day before the Run, we took over a lift in the Collision Repair center to install a few parts I was able to scrape together.

-Eibach ProKit
-'05 STi rear antisway, w/ brackets and bushings
-borrowed 17's w/ Falken tires
-DIY clear corners (Rice!)

Yes, you read right. 2005 STi rear antisway. It just barely fits.

Notice the angled endlink.

When we went out on that Sunday morning for the Foliage Run, I noticed that the car had quite a bit more "pep" in it. I couldn't figure out if it was the cool air, or the extremely light wheels. I didn't know that this "problem" would continue indefinately, with the car driving 100% on some days, and anemic on others. :screwy: The run was a success, with many of Central PA's finest Subaru's taking over 100 miles of twisties.


ok terrific.
'95 STi RA rep, rhd yo!
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Winter, '05/06

I'm not proud of the way the car looked during late 2005, early 2006. Since I am telling the complete story of my car, I don't feel I should leave this part out.

The next few months were slow as far as modifications went. I was repairing the fiberglass hood from my previous Impreza (that I rolled) and installed that for a couple months. I also picked up some Hella Supertones, and some WRX wheels w/ RE92s. I also began the process of swapping a WRX engine into irishhockeypimp's RS, leaving me little time for sleep, let alone working on my car.


ok terrific.
'95 STi RA rep, rhd yo!
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Winter, 2006

As winter went on, I was able to scrape together a few odds and ends. I sold my fiberglass hood and went back to the stock one. I traded grille's with Morgan1 of Nasioc, picked up some Hella 500 Series driving lights, as well as some aluminum rear endlinks. I also received an OBX catback as part of the payment for the WRX swap. I also painted my wheels graphite.


ok terrific.
'95 STi RA rep, rhd yo!
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Spring, 2006

I was working on the WRX swap in irishhockeypimp's RS until May of 2006. I was still limited with time to work on my own vehicle, but I was able to squeeze in a few important things, including 2pot front brakes from a Legacy GT (big thanks to Jeremy of Crucial Racing), Hawk HPS pads, and Royal Purple fluids. I noticed that one of my axles puked, so I had to borrow a used one off of irishhockeypimp.

It's alive! We finally got the RS up and running, I said my goodbyes to Chad, and as far as I know... it's still kicking?

I ran my first autocross that spring. The word of the day was "understeer."

This is where it starts to pick up. I sold the SOHC heads I had sitting here, and noticed that my cam seals were leaking pretty good... Next up, Summer of 2006.

ok terrific.
'95 STi RA rep, rhd yo!
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Summer, 2006 - bumpers and engines and tires, oh my!

After two months of haggling, I ended up getting screwed over on a V2 bumper by a well known vendor. I won't mention names because it ended up working out in the end. After getting an email back saying that the bumper I was waiting for was sold to someone else, I attacked eBay with anger-ridden fingers. I scored a V2 front bumper, complete with turn signals and foglights. I went after my bumper beam with a Milwaukee Sawzall, and... well you can guess the results.

Rockblocker had a sale on their tailight film, which I happily participated in.

My RE92's were bald, so I went in search of a nice "happy medium" tire, and ended up with Fuzion HRi's. If you need a picture of those, hit up the Tire Rack.

Remember the leaking cam seals? After reading some horror stories, I realized that maybe I should take this time to look into a new engine. Looking around, I remembered that I had this 2.2L that wasn't going anywhere... :naughty:

Next up, TLC on the engine bay.
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