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Swapped heads?

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I was doing maintenance on my ej18 and noticed my heads looked mismatched, and look to be off a different ej, anyone know what heads these are? The right one has a "55" stamped in it, and the left one has a "50" stamped in it, still sohc, and it's a 94 Impreza l if that makes a difference. sorry if it's a dumb question, just new here
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Nice! Blurry cam! Those numbers are likely insignificant. There should be a letter followed by '18' on the back side, that is if they're anything like EJ25 heads. I got in to the subaru game a little late so I've never touched an 18, and only one 22.
It's definitely possible, the car is 30 years old, who knows what its been through. With that said, I got a basically free 2002 outback that needed a motor, and the best thing I could cobble together, also for free was a phase 1 EJ25D block, with one L25 and one Q25 phase two heads. It worked! Until my nephew ran it out of oil.. now it has a jdm ej20 in it.
subie's are Legos
fixed that for you. they still are legos. Not much different going on underneath a 2023 compared to a 2001.
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