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Suspension setup

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How does this sound for first suspension upgrades. Whiteline adjustable rear sway bar, ALK and sway bar links. Anyone have this setup? I am trying to get rid of the terrible understeer and make sure the car is solid through corners. Let me know what you think and if this will improve the performance.
Mike :)
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I tell everyone who gets an RS to get a swaybar and take it to the dealership when they pick it up. The stock bar is an insult to the car. That bar should have been 17~20mm stock, like it is everywhere else in the world.

Set the bar on 17mm for use with stock suspension and you will get a HUGE improvement in handeling, sort of like a Clark Kent/ Superman thing when you turn into a corner. The car actually WANTS to turn and allot of that foolish leaning goes away too. I am now setup at 22mm with a Prodrive P1 suspension.
i have STi Type RA suspenstion from Mike Shields (when he was still a vendor :( ) and a20mm Rear Bar which is what he said was the exact combo for this suspension and anyone who has ridden in my car will tell you that the only thing holding my car back is my Kumho's

even with them it still handled extremely well.

no ALK...yet
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