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Suspension Review list

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I was thinking that maybe we should have a thread that lists pertinant info about various suspension kits we know of that will fit the GC8. Perhaps even give personal reviews of kits we have driven on.

I will start:

Ohlins PCV The Ohlins PCV are a JDM coilover system with a 40mm piston and competition valving. Spring rates are 7kg/mm (392 lbs/inch) front and 5kg/mm (280 lbs/inch) rear.

Adjustability: Height and seperate 20 way damping/rebound adjustment.

Price: about 325,000 yen. but getting them to the US is expensive too.

Review: Okay, I have not driven these, but they are supposedly one of the finest suspensions you can buy for the GC8. Ohlins carries the reputation of being one of the finest suspension manufacturers in the world.
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Version 5/ 5Zigen combo

FHI Version 5 Struts/ 5Zigen spring combo
This is a very popular combination in the US. The FHI version 5 struts are a 36mm piston, inverted strut that is designed by Bilstien and built by KYB in Japan. The 5Zigen spring is actually manufactured by a company called KG/MM in Japan. They are a progressive lowering spring with rates of 169.3-225.7 lbs/inch front and 79-180.6 lbs/inch rear.

Adjustability: Non adjustable but will drop the car anywhere from 1.25 inches to just over 1.5 inches

Price: This combo could be purchased for around $550 total, but the struts have just increased in price.

Review: I have this system on my car and it has been there for just over a year. I have raced in autocrosses several times on it, and it has been on many brisk mountain drives as well. It is a bit overdamped in the progressive springs, so the daily ride is a little harsh, but they handle on a track extremely well. The car corners extremely flat, and cuts crisp and clean, almost go kart like. Again, if your local roads are bumpy and rough, and the car is a daily driver, you might want to look elsewhere. But if autocross is your thing and you are on a tight budget, this combo bears some serious consideration.
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Leda Option "B"

This is a British made Coilover suspension system with No tophats.Very popular with most of UK guys as well as all Porsche Cup folks as a spec strut...Leda has 3 options,Option "A" a Strut only system that is oilbased and 24 adjustable damping only, specifically made for GStock autocross. Option "B" 24 way adjustable full coilover...mainly used for Tarmac and AutoX..It is a competion suspension that can be rebuildable. Spring rates for the option "B" are modest stock however upgraded spring rates are available from Leda and Eibach...the 3rd option is Option "C"..a nitrogen gas, remote reseviored competition Coilover...again 24 way dampning adjustable as well as ride height.

Adjustability: 24 way Dampning on all struts

Rebuildable: Yes...Racers Edge in Knoxville TN ( A porsche racing facility.

Website:Leda suspension

Price: Option "A" about $1000 last I checked

Option "B" $1700 or so...

Option "C" $2300 or so

Review: I have been using the Option "B" for about a year now...I have about 15000 miles on it...still firm yet enjoyable ride, I have numerous AutoX's on them also...Very good Dampner and spring setup...I am sure there is better out there but for performance, price, general ride quality I rate these 8 of 10 possible scooby's...
they are kinda noisey so don't expect them to be as quiet as a stock suspension..but its worth it to me...

Other suspension mods:
Front Solid links
20-24mm Whiteline adjustable rear swaybay
Kartboy Solid Rear links
Front strut bar
Rear strut bar

No camber plates yet but I do plan to get some in the near future, well as STi rear top hats...
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TEIN Coilovers! Very impressive. Made in Japan.

Pretty Light, Very durable. More info
go to
I own the Type HR/HA with the Camber plates.
How about HotBit's coilovers? Any comments on them? They are on MRT's website..
Version 5 setup,FHI,red struts/black springs

Version5 struts and springs,,,excellent non-adjustble setup fr street and autocross, ok for rallye(car tends to wonder some on gravel).These are a matched set from FHI so they work well together.Lowers the car about an 1 inch.Very rugged strut,seems to take quite abit of abuse;) .This setup used to be quite affordable $420 shipped fr om Lisa.But now the springs are no longer made(KYB makes a good replacement) and the struts have gone way up in price.Another plus is they dont void any warranty issues.Excellent combination when the price was right.
Other suspension mods;
FHI 20 mm rear sway
Whiteline endlinks f/r
STI front upper strut bar
Cusco rear upper strut bar
Bridgestone RE730 205/55/16,,(summer tires only)These babys get hard in colder climates,and are not in any way considered snow tires.
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Hot Bits

The Hotbits coilovers are a 50mm inverted strut design sold by MRT out of Australia. There are supposed to be three version available, but at the moment only the bottom end, height adjustable only model is available.
Spring Rates are unknown at the moment.

Adjustability: Height only (single damping and double damping/rebound are supposedly coming later)

Price: $1100 US dollars

Review: So Far, I don't know of anyone who has this suspension.
Acutally in Japan (just went back for vacation)...they were selling Ohlins for 120,000 yen used...but too expensive for me still so boght TEIN HA for 75,000 yen used.

If anyone goes to Japan and finds a set of Ohlins PCVs used for that price mentioned (120,000 yen), and doesn't email me so I can wire them some money to pick them up, I will personally come to their door and paint it with a big "I love Ford" logo.
STi FHI VER 5 springs and Dampers

I agree with what was posted above, but feel they are great on dirt, gravel and so forth. car is VERY responsive and easy to control. Rotation is immediate.
STi Type RA suspension
uses same Ver. 5 struts with different springs (slightly stiffer i believe)
made for 20mm rear sway bar as per Mike Shields

Car handles like a Gem. only thing holding me back is my kumho supra's
AGX/Eibach & 5Zigen

I've been using this combo for quite some time now (thanks again for the help on the install, James!), and would be hard pressed to shell out $$ for a coilover setup. I commute well over 50 miles a day on this suspension, and find it completely comfortable. It also has performed extremely well at local AutoX events.

Previously I used the 5Zigen springs, which lowered the car a little too much, I felt. Ride was harsh, and tires (stock size Dunlop SP8000s) rubbed on the fender lip.
DAVE! You're here! Yay! Heh! How goes? Like my little club? I miss California - the last SCCA event here got cancelled because of snow. :(

Okay, enough hijacking of this thread... :lol:
FHI/STi Ver.5 struts & springs

Just backing up the positive reviews on the FHI/STi Ver.5 setup. I got my struts from Exeter Subaru / before I left NH for IA, and ordered the springs from one of the i-Club Hawaii members.

It's a wonderful setup. Very neutral handling, yet not a rough ride at all, excepting on extremely choppy pavement or things like that. I've done mostly long-distance driving on them so far. Between late October, when it was installed, and now, I've done a trip from NH to PA to IA... Then from IA to SC and back.... And most recently, from IA to PA to MD, then back to PA and IA. A good 4,000 miles in just the last couple of months' worth of long drives.... and my body's not screaming in pain. The 2.5RS' seats are STILL the weak point for long hauls, not the suspension.

No autocrosses yet, but I plan on at least a couple when I get home in the Spring (I average two a year, so far). Around-town handling is great, awesome in corners (very little lean)... and I've done all of this so far on my winter 195/65-15 Nokian Hakkapeliitta 1 tires. So I can't wait for summer ones. ;)

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FHI V5 (aka KYB) & SPT (aka Eibach)

Those red V5 struts (with KYB lightly imprinted on the side, under the part number and Subaru) and the SPT springs made by Eibach - nice little set. I got mine for around $520, but now the struts run $600 alone. I also put the STi group N top mounts on, and I already had the FHI 18mm rear bar & Cusco 40mm rear strut bar.

The ride is a little harsher, but not uncomfortably so. There is a fair amount more road noise not due to the harder top mounts. The car corners flat. The setup is non-adjustible, which is fine for me. I don't like messing with settings.

Drop? Well, when we put the car down off the jack stands, the rear was about 3" higher than stock. After a short drive it settled in a bit and as of now it's around 1" lower than stock. In my book that's perfect, afterall, I still have to get in and out of my driveway.
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