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hey james i got a suggestion but i dunno how well it will work.

I have an idea, what if when you sign up here on you are given web page. the web page will be there to show off your ride etc, list the mods and all that kind of stuff. you can create basic template for people to follow like frames on the side and click on mods/pics etc. i have no idea how hard it would be to make but it would be cool to have. ive wanted to build a site but i dont have enough HTML knowledge to do it. and i dont want a goofy geocities site, and i dont wnat to pay for one. i know webspace would be a concern but you could just limit people to 1 or 2mbs per person. thats plenty of space for a good amount of pictures/small movies/sound files etc.

just a thought.:bot:

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I'm actually thinking about a few things like that... but they will take time to implement. As far as web pages, I can do that pretty easy. I am sure you know I do web stuff for a living so the code itself is easy. However, the time to do it is sparce... Also, right now I have to figure out my bandwidth issues - I only have 384k upload which seems to be fine, but as I add more content I'll have to get more bandwidth.

I'm also considering giving people email addresses, but I'd really have to get a second email server and should also have more bandwidth.

Give me some time and I think some of these changes will come around. I've actually worked with a piece of software that would allow you to work with web pages just like using a WYSIWYG editor. Of course it costs some $$$ so I have to figure out budget issues. Right now everything is just out of pocket for me. I'm hoping I can put some advertisements on the site to generate some revenue, and then I'm going to address the following items:

1. A faster main web server
2. More bandwidth!
3. An additional email server
4. Secondary web servers for a merchandise store and member web hosting
5. Automating email address sign ups so I have no administration

So if you have any ideas or resources let me know! :D
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