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Subee sound

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Does anyone here have them? Do they sound good? what about the fit and look? I'm thinking about buying the enclosures. Oh, yeah, waht did you pay?
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What is a Subee sound?

Nick C.:cool:
I've had the guys stay over at my house for a race before. The enclosures looked great, you couldn't even tell they were there. They sounded pretty good, if you want fill (no slam, just kinda a sound fill) those are perfect for you. I'm pretty happy with stock rears and JL fronts with a Pioneer deck, but I've thought about the enclosures myself at times.
So is it a sub box that is specially made to fit the RS?:confused:
Yeah, they have enclosures specifically for Scoobs. The ones I heard were 2-door rear interior side panels (next to where the rear passenger's arms rest).
I think he also has them for the trunk on the sides nice and tight so they dont take up to much room or slide around during auto-x. IIRC they fit 10's
Do they have a web site, or someplace where I can se these things? I would love to have my subs in the rear panels instead of taking up the trunk, like they are now!
Those are sweet! As soon as I get a job, I think I'm going to get one of those trunk corner boxes! I already have a sub and amp, but that setup will free up alot of trunk space. As you can see, my current setup doesn't work too well for putting stuff in the trunk.


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The rear side enclosures for the coupes are awesome! High quality stuff, and good prices for the type of model specific parts your getting. Not cheapy materials or fabrication at all. Contact OmahaSubaru on the I-club..he is part of subeesound.
Hello all, thought that i would stop by and answer some questions regarding my products.

The 8" side panel enclosures that have been mentioned here are exactly that, an 8" enclosure designed to be a direct bolt in box that resides behind the rear side panels. They come with the enclosures, grills, and all mounting hardware necessary to be a DIY install. Not exactly the boomiest around, but very accurate and basically fill out the sound spectrum. These have been metered at 130db before with some JL 8W0's, so they will pack a punch if needed.

The 10" trunk enclosure is a sealed 10" box with aprox. .8 cu ft of airspace that fits on the passsenger side of the vehicle behind the rear tire. The box also has an attached amp mounting board to get your amp out of the way and staying safe. The box mounts to the floor of the vehicle and is very sturdy. I have auto-x'd many times with mine in and never had a problem with it. This box is also very tight, with a bit more bass than the 8's have.

Th prefabs are actually my favorite. I am a bass addict!!! These boxes are louder than any other box you have heard, and really dont take up all that much of your trunk. As far as i know, my car is the loudest impreza that anyone has ever reported at just shy of 150db, and all from a pair of 10's!!! A world record holder for DB Drag racing designed and builds everyone of them by hand. When the store i worked at picked this line of boxes up, we sold out in a few days. Not only do they have tremendous output, they also sound great, very tight bass, great for techno and metal, and enough output to satisfy any rap listener.

What do I have in my car??? i have the single 10", which i put in when i took the prefab out. I got tired of taking it out for auto-x's, which was compounded by the fact the amp was on the back of the box. Jon (omahasubaru) my partner has the 8" side panels since he loves the stealth look. My favorite is the prefab by far, but if i can settle for a little less, i am sure everyone else will have more than necessary. If anyone else has any questions feel free to ask, now that i know about this forum, i'll be sure to check back. We are having a clearance sale right now with boxes priced as follows:

Side panel 8" enclosures $340 shipped
Trunk mount 10" enclosures $225 shipped
Prefabs are priced as marked on the website not shipped.

I am also in the process of making custom guage pods that fit in the cover of the top storage compartment. I will have Jon post pics of his car and the side panels and guage pod incase anyone is interested.

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150Db is not the record for imprezas ....a guy at carlise had his whole back seat was Kenwood Subs, now he was pshing some ungodly sound. 150 out of 2 10' is sweet. I push around 130-140 but with two 12s
huh, he had my 150 beat. i have never heard of another subie louder than mine. is he not on any of the forums??? If you see him again find out what he is doing number wise so i know what to beat :)

What kind of 10's hit 150db? That is damn loud from a pair of 10's? What kind of amps were pushing them?
crossfire BMF 10's and either a crossfire 1000D or a memphis 1100D, both amps did the same number. And i really didnt hit 150, but was jus shy of it, without any real tuning, just a quick search to find the frequency. I also just found some more info about the crossfire amps that probably would have gotten me to 150db if i would have known. Also, this was all out of one of my prefab boxes i sell on my website, nothing really special. I wish i would have thrown another amp in to see how loud i could have been, the woofers would have taken more if they had it.

DEAD thread bump. 150 db? i hit 152 db in my OBS. WAGONS ROCK BASS WAY BETTER THAN SEDANS IMO
Did you seriously bump a thread from earlier this decade just to say "my wagon is way better"?


pretty much. hahah
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