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Found some more info today-
The SanFu is actually the Japanese export version of the 3rd gen Subaru Sambar (1977-1982), it was badged the Subaru 600.

random stuff i found trolling google:

Powered by a 544cc, rear-mounted, watercooled, 4-cycle, 4-speed, 27bhp engine
made by Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru) for SanFu Motors, Ltd. in Taiwan,
It was not made for US import.
Capacity is 895 lbs of cargo.
TheUSCG used them at its Taipei Base and, 7 vans/trucks wound up in RI and scattered across the US.

"It is called a BIC because it was made by Sanfu Motors for Bales International Corporation ... which despite having 9 Sanfus in their boneyard, refuse to acknowledge the vans at all.
The total amount of the Sanfus built; passenger, cargo or pickup truck, were 24. Eighteen were shipped to the US, 6 stayed in Taiwan and, of the 18, I have accounted for all of them, mostly in bad shape but, 3 are under restoration and 3 are restored and running the other 3 are junked and, with the non-recognized 9 in BIC's boneyard, that makes the 18. Of the 6 in Taiwan, I haven't a clue"
Just Buy the only one sanfu un México, please help me out to get It runing (has no engine), need book's...

Saludos amigos from Tecate, Baja California, México.
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101 - 105 of 105 Posts