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Hi all,

First off, this only being my second post on this forum, i would like you guys to visit my ebay site for recent seller feedback:

designers-europe on eBay

I am also known on the R3vlimited bmw e30 forum, and have sold many bmw parts there.


I am offering a Subaru impreza Apexi ECU&Commander. I was going to use this for my own car, unfortunately my car has a 4 plug connection and this one is a 3 plug. I bought it from a friend of mine, he blew up his engine and sold it in parts. Item location is Netherlands.

Handy site: Apexi PowerFC FAQ

Part number = PFC GC8DL 020 - 0428 (i believe it's a version V5/6)
3-plug connector

Please look up the part number and see if it is compatible with your car.

$600 shipped with track and trace delivery will take 1-2 weeks. I only accept paypal buyer protection is no problem.

More photos, or questions send me a PM.

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It's a great price, but people are probably unsure as to what model it is for.

I think it is the V3/4 3 plug ecu for the EJ20K, but you stated V5/6.

The D in GC8D on the tag is V4.
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