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98' GF8 NA-T
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Unfortunately, I am in over my head with my NA/T GF8. After I pulled the engine to do the head gaskets, I damaged the transmission (4EAT). After having it replaced professionally, I fired her up only to be met with a fluctuating vacuum reading. After much research, professional diagnosis, and forum digging, the conclusion is an intake valve issue. It is possible I bent a valve doing the belt originally. She's running and driving but not well and quite lean. Im putting her up for sale. I do not have enough points to post in the marketplace and am seldom on due to the nature of my job. I apologize for violating any rules and am willing to comply with any actions in regards to this post. Willing to answer any and all questions. PM"s welcome.

Sophie is a 1998 Subaru Impreza L NA/T
with 157,935 miles

Since I've acquired the vehicle I have done:

New Knock Sensor
New Timing Belt and Kit (minus water pump)
New Brake Pads less than 2k miles ago
New Spark Plugs
LED Drive Lamp bulbs
This is just what I remember so far. I can provide receipts for all and can give details on every aspect of the car.

Go Fast Bits:
TD04 Turbo (no shaft play)
2004 WRX intercooler
2004 WRX STI Fuel Pump
Custom Single Port Up-Pipe
2004 WRX downpipes (no emissions)
Cheap Equus boost & oil pressure gauge

Also, I have all the bits to make the car N/A again. However, It would be deafening without the turbocharger installed to muffle the exhaust. I am including the factory muffler as well but currently the vehicle is on par (dB wise) with any turbo EJ with a turbo back exhaust.

I would like to see 3k for it but will entertain any and all offers. I have not left Subaru but in the mean time I will be daily-ing a vehicle that is not so. I plan to acquire another one before the summer is out. This time ill be smart and get a factory turbo car. Thank you to any and all members of the forum that have made the Subaru experience a lifelong one. The car and community have given me more smiles than I can remember and although I am parting with this one. I'm never to far from a Subie.

2000 RSTi
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