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Anyone know where I can get the side window molding trim for a coupe

Part numbers, I know they say discontinued ?

65223FA040 / Molding Assembly
Molding Assembly, RIGHT


65223FA050 / Molding Assembly
Molding Assembly, LEFT

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(So...images don't want to work and links in sigs don't work. Can you do anything on this board anymore???)

Any luck with rear diffusers?

I know this factory piece fits. I'd like to cover a bit more surface area in the rear, but not drag plastic all over hell and back.

What about the universal Ebay schtuff?

This rear diffuser for the bug eye is the one that interest me the most. I'm not looking for one that's too flashy.

For shits n' giggles. This looks like a bit of a pain to fit correctly. ^^Above looks like more of a nicer fit under the rear.


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Side Markers

OEM amber side markers
Vehicle Car Automotive tail & brake light Window Tire

JDM optional SAA (Subaru Auto Accessories) fluted side markers
Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Car Window

Aftermarket fluted side markers

Automotive parking light Automotive lighting White Light Automotive design

Aftermarket chrome side markers
Automotive lighting Automotive parking light Automotive tire Rim Font

Aftermarket smoked side markers
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Synthetic rubber Composite material Auto part

Aftermarket LED fluted side markers
Automotive parking light Wheel Automotive side marker light Vehicle Car

Aftermarket LED smoked side markers
Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Automotive lighting Light

QestJapan LED chrome side markers
Automotive parking light Land vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive design Amber

Automotive lighting Automotive design Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Rectangle

Notes: Notable aftermarket manufacturers for side markers include DEPO, TYC, MARS/E-Mark, Liberal.
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