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We now have both types of Subaru alternator plugs - the 2 pin gray square plug for 1998 and earlier Subaru and the 3 pin green oval plug for 1999 and later Subaru!

The Subaru alternator plug functions as a trigger to turn the alternator on(via the battery light on the dash) and senses battery charge to determine how much power to output. It's good to replace the connector when you replace or update the alternator because old alternator plugs can lead to a bad connection.

Subaru usually changes plugs from year to year or between different models but the Alternator Plug typically stays the same. The best way to tell which alternator plug you need is by the color and number of pins. We offer these alternator connectors*as the housing only, a connector kit with terminals and seals, and a pigtail which comes pre-wired for you with 12-14 inches of wire.

There are two types of alternator plugs in Subaru cars:

Older Model Alternator - 1998 and Before

The older model alternator is a 2 pin gray square*plug with a brown/red lock. There are actually two different gauges of wire that go into the plug.

Cars it works on:
Subaru WRX, STI, EJ Engines*built in 1998 or before (ex: 1997, 1996, 1995, etc.)

Newer Model Alternator - 1999 and Later

The newer model alternator is a 3 pin green oval plug with a blue lock. There are three inputs for this plug. Some cars have 2 wires with a cavity plug and the other cars have 3 wires. You can tell which you need by looking at your current alternator plug and counting the number of wires.*

Cars it works on:
Subaru WRX, STI, EJ Engines*built in 1999*to now (ex: 2001, 2005, 2009*etc.)

Click here to purchase the Older Model Alternator Plug - 1998 and Before

Click here to purchase the Newer Model Alternator Plug - 1999 and Later
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