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-MY02 RS-

I just slapped in my SS Stromung midpipe last week (car has 19,000) and I DID NOT replace the dreaded donut gasket with a new one. Noticed today it is dripping water where the cat and midpipe meet.

Also, I noticed that on the cat end of the midpipe, the flange seemed to only be "tacked" on in a few spots. I assume this is part of the design and not an oversight in production, right? Does the "donut" seal those holes?

What I'm saying is, are these water droplets coming from the cat to mid normal, or a sure sign of a leak? I know there's some play with the spring bolts, so I do not know if any of this is acceptable.

...And I tigtened those spring bolts good!

ran the car again at night with a flashlight on the spot. I could see the water vapor blowing out of there, so it is definetly a leak. I have heard of people needing spacers to get the donut further into the bigger diameter Stromung pipe. That doesn't sound right, since Stromung makes these specifically for these cars. Please tell me all I need is a new donut! (No sprinkles!)
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