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Congratulations on the job! I saw where you said that it will involve a lot of travel, what will you be doing?

Hopefully, this will get you the info on the classes you need.
Solo II Classes

As far as the legnth of courses, here is what I have seen so far.

Columbus...Holds its events on the Walesboro airport. Usually long courses that can have some long acceleration points. The last course I saw there took the best close to 80 seconds to complete.

Indy...Has its events at a few different locations...16th St will almost always have to be tight because of the relativly small area(compared to an airport). They also have location in Anderson (Delco Plant 3) and the Converse, IN airport. I have not been to either place yet, but I have driven by a Declo plant in Anderson and its lot was large, and I have no idea about the Converse airport.

South Bend and Ft. Wayne clubs hold events at the Grissom Areoplex. You will have to talk to Jim(Elwood) about that location.

BTW...Jim(Elwood) and Dale(dbrier) both hang out on the I-Club site. I'm not sure I have ever seen them here. We won't hold it against them!;)
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