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Street racer on the news...

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Katu 2 news at 5:30pm today (1/21/01) had a short coverage around street racers. I think they said at least 2 girls and a guy got in a crash in Vancouver, WA. Then they interviewed a couple guys at Alta Performance. You can see a blue WRX on the lift in the background. They interviewed the shop's owner and a customer, I guess. They also took a close up shot of the WRX's BBS wheel. haha.

I know this is a site not talking about WRX. I just want to see if you guys know about what I just saw earlier. :)

There is only one Alta Performance in Beaverton/Aloha, Oregon. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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The guys at Alta rule! Everyone should buy their parts from Alta.
Actually, I think there where two differnet stree-race crashes, one in Vancouver and one in Portland. What are people doing street-racing in this kind of weather? It was raining with water on the roads! Street racing is kinda stupid to begin with, but doing it in the rain is just plain retarded. I feel bad for the parents.

Oh, and Alta Sport does seem kinda cool, been in there a couple of times, once for some corner bulbs, and once to see if they had any intakes for my moms Mazda MP3. They were very helpful with the intake, looking through all thier books and computer stuff to see who made one. They didn't find any, but they did spend the time looking. Oh, and they liked my car:D

Honda, have I seen you at a couple SPEC meetings before? :) How does your car look like? Got any pics to show? :)
Well, I've missed the last couple of meetings, but I'm sure we've met. My car is a Silver 2000 coupe, red and blue grill badge, and a dented passenger side fender. Here's a pic:

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Yeah, I've seen ya at the meeting. I remmy your car now. Cool! It's great to see you here. :)
It's great to be here! There actually stuf here about my car! Which car do you have? I recognize the name, but can't quite place it to a car or face. But, then again, I'm horrible at remembering names:eek:
Who Am I? :p

I drive a bone stock '01 Impreza Sedan (BRP). I'm Chinese! Bet you know now. :D

I didn't do much modifications to my car. All of them are just cosmetic. I hope to go into performance mods in the future when I land a job.

Woah, check out the time of our messages! :p
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