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Strange noises

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I have a squeaking noise coming from under the hood.. I can only hear it at slow speeds, and it seems to only occur off throttle. The only "free" pieces that I have is the intake, and I already checked that. I'd take it to the dealer.. but it's such a pain in the ass. I don't get a rental without paying for it..

Any ideas.

I've also had a different squeaking or rubbing noise only when I turn. For a while it was a rubbing noise only when I turned left.


I've had so many problems with this car.. I'm beginning to doubt subaru technology.
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what kind of intake do you have, I know that some aem intakes rub on the hood.

dont doubt them untill you know the problem ;)
It's a ganz.. so it's definately not that..

As for the turning only noise... it's starting to sound worse.. I'm going to have to break down and turn it over to the dealer. Dammit.
My ganzflow squeaks.....

The part that sticks into the fender makes squeaking noises when the engine rocks. Grab ahold of the intake tube and move it back and forth.... that may be your squeaking....

Well, after a while of neglection, this squeak started to turn in to an awful grinding noise. I also noticed that my rotors were scarred, BADLY! I took it in this morning only to have my rotors turned and brakes inspected. They finished, and as I began to drive off the lot, I hear the same damn noise! So I go back in and talk to the tech. He lifts it up, and I notice the wheel is rocking in a weird fashion. He grabbed the top and bottom of the wheel, and in moves back and forth like mad. BAD WHEEL BEARING! Until now, I have never heard any problems with the front bearings.. Oh well. I'll get my car back tomorrow.
He really should have noticed the front wheel bearing before that. Did he even test drive the car when he was done?!
The only thing the tech did was mess with the brakes.. The guy that drove it up to the front must not have heard any noises.. I don't really mind though.
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