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Strömung sound clip

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Sorry to cross post but I thought some might be interested.
Got my SS Strömung in the mail today from Brandon. I did a quick vid/sound clip of what it sounds like hooked up to a random tec cat w/ stock headers. I can't link directly to it but if you go here:

And click on the Strömung album you can download the clip. It's pretty small. It won't play from the site I don't think.

Someone please let me know if it works.


PS thanks Brandon.
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Tried the cut and paste. However, what's you've got is a problem I used to have. When you edit that Quicktime movie, it makes a really small version - like 4k or so. That is the file you've uploaded to the server. :(

However, that file is just a pointer to the full-sized version of the movie somewhere on your harddrive at home. Probably like 1mb in size.

You'll need to upload the big file to get it to work. :D

Also, Imagestation seemed to be going really slow when I tried, so that makes it more difficult because you think nothing is happening. :rolleyes:
Yes I should stick to still photography :)

I figured it out and made the file an avi and re uploaded it. It's 3.3MB but it seems to be working now. Someone please give it a try and let me know if it works this time. It does sound good if you have a nice subwoofer :devil:
got it to work:) thats a great sound clip its nice to here the stromung growl. to download it I had to go into the the index view not the album view
Sounds real good. I have the SS single w/ Borla headers and the stock cat because it's illegal to change the cat in STS.

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