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stock fogs and H3s

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I want to replace the bulbs in my fogs. How powerfull (watts) can I go before hurting something?
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I've been running 130w since last August with no problems. PIAA dichromatic somethings. I did have to put a 15 amp fuse in though, as the 10 amp kept blowing.
Bitchen! How much brighter is it?
Very nice. I used the adjuster screws and angled the lights up to nearly the top or their range, and they have a nice flood across the road. Not quite high enough that any one coming towards me notices, which I really like. Those funky computer designed reflectors work very well! :D
If you really want them bright take the cap off of the bulb. You have to use an oven to melt the glue to pull them apart, but it's worth it. The cap is not even reflective on the inside. I got 55 watt bulbs and they are bright enough. I adjusted them so the point up more.
hmmm, very interesting. My fogs have brighter-than-stock bulbs, (100w I think, I bought the car used), so I never turn them on unless I'm alone at night. But if there's a way to make them even brighter for free, you've got my attention.

How hot do you need to heat it? How long do you heat it for?

After you put your foglamp in an oven to melt the glue, how did you stick it back together? Heat it back up again? New glue? If so, what kind did you use?

BTW, if I do this, I'll try to take some pics and post a 'how-to' on or

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You put the fogs in the oevn on 225 for 10 minutes. The should easily pry apart with a screw driver. To put them back together, just put the glass lens back on the housing and heat them up again. When you take them out make sure the housing and the glass are lined up and push them back together. No new glue needed. ;)

As for taking the cap off, there are two prongs where the bulb sits that you have to pry up to remove the cap... You should see how it connects when you remove the bulbs.

BTW... Do Not!!! I reapeat!!! Do Not get any glue on the reflctive lense!!! It won't come off!!! If you do get a little bit just leave it there. It will only smudge if you try to remove it.
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