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Stock Brakes

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I don't know if anyone's already answered this, but is there a reason why the stock RS brakes are so mushy?

I'm planning on getting some new pads to alleviate this.
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The stock rubber brake lines will flex and aid in brake fade. On top of pads (if you need them) I would suggest getting steel braided brake lines, they will help out a lot. Also dont forget to get some good brake fluid.
ss brake lines will aide the feel to some degree. the main problem is the dual stage brake booster. there is a way to swap in the MY95? single stage booster, if you can find one. that's the best way to help brake feel. however, don't let the feel fool you. the stock braking system is quite good, especially with good rubber. if you're still on the re92s, ditching them will be the best way to increase braking performance (among other things). also, good brake fluid will resist fade better (only going to be an issue at the track, most likely). it will not effect pedal feel. the pads will also increase braking preformance and help resist fade.
I put on the braided lines and it helped quite a bit. I'm very happy with the brakes now.
Another suggestion is to brace the master cyl so it can't flex on the firewall. I've heard that the UK Impreza Turbos come from the factory with that brace.
Thanks for the info guys. I know that the stock brakes are pretty good. It's just the pedal feel that threw me off a little bit.

I'm planning on getting braided lines and new pads.

How hard is the DIY mod for the braided lines? Don't you have to bleed the original brake lines before you replace them?
I bleeded the brakes on my dads old car, it was a TOTAL pain in the ass. Of course, I'm sure these guys can give you hints and tricks. I couldn't figure out how to do it with just one person, so by my book, you'll need a friend.
well you probably dont HAVE to bleed the original brake lines if you enjoy showers in brake fluid... otherwise i'd suggest enlisting a friend to pump the brake pedal while you hold a tube onto the bleeder to drain the fuid into an old can or something :biggest:
Well I did it myself. I don't know how I kept the fluid from getting all over my garage, but I did it. :) The brake line install took me a couple of hours, basically because I was watching TV and working during commercials.
you can do it yourself, its pretty easy. however, it will be a definite plus to have someone help you bleed the brakes (which you have to do if you enjoy stopping) unless you have a speed-bleeder set up, which it sounds like you don't.
let me chime in,
to completely get rid of that mushy feel of your brakes, you want to change the brake master cylinder to single stage, SS brake lines, and the master cylinder support brace. SPD offers the single stage kit.
with these mods, they totally elimnates the mushy feel. and if you got extra $ to shell out, get the 4pot front brake kit.

here's my current setup:

STi 4pot front brake kit
SMC SS brake lines
Single stage brake master cylinder
STi 4pot brake pads
A mushy brake feel is characteristic of most subaru stock brakes. You get used to it though.
I'm in the process of upgrading my brakes.
Where can I find a vendor(s) for SMC brake lines and the
master cylinder support brace?
Unfortunately, SPD is supporting the WRX lately and are closing out parts for the GC8.
I recently completed my brake upgrades on my RS. I collected parts over a long period of time, picking and choosing my deals, and did everything at once. My brakes now have awesome pedal feel and stopping power is great, though I haven't really pushed them to the limits yet.

Here's my setup:

- Single Stage Booster from '95 L model
- 1 1/16" bore Master Cylinder (origin unknown)
- ATE Super Blue Fluid
- Stoptech Stainless Steel lines
- WRX front setup (WRX caliper brackets, stock WRX rotors for now)
- Stock rear setup (stock WRX rear rotors, same as RS)
- Axxis Ultimate pads all around
- SpeedBleeders :)

Let me tell you something about SpeedBleeders. They are worth the small price you pay for them. I had never bled brakes before doing this job, and except for a little help from the wife when priming the master cylinder, I bled the whole system myself in a very short amount of time. And that was a full flush of the old fluid replacing it with the Super Blue. Speed bleeders work. Period.

The RS comes with a 1" bore Master Cylinder stock, but the '99 MC cannot be used with the Single Stage booster because the design is not compatible. I received a 15/16" bore MC with the SS Booster, but opted to use the 1 1/16" bore MC to reduce pedal travel a bit more. I still have the 15/16" MC and will sell it to anyone interested for $35 shipped.

As for the Master cylinder bracket I've read about, I haven't been convinced that it would be worth the money. And with my current setup, I don't even feel that I would need anything else anyway.

- Chuck
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