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I just installed STi V4 seats into my RS.

I find the driver's side seat height just perfect for me and don't care about height adjustability because of this.

The right-side seat was originally the driver's seat on the other side of the pond hence that seat cushion is much narrower.

The left-side seat, which is now my current seat, is a bit wider.

I want to keep the rails and mounts, for the two seats, where they are now as I'm perfectly happy with them there. Those who did the Forrester seat rail swap/weld wanted height adjustability but I'm ok without it.

I want to switch the seat cushions from one side to the next so that my driver's seat is the narrow fitting one and have the slightly wider one moved over to the right-side.

Can anyone help me?

Oh yeah I'm 140lbs sopping wet and no I can't just put on a WRC Subaru parka whenever I drive! :)
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