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Car is Located in Las Vegas, NV!

Hey, guys. It's finally time to put muh full STI swapped sedan Type RA clone for sale. It has a V6 JDM STI EJ207 motor with 2004 USDM STI 6 Speed drive-train.
(Used to be a track car until the original swapped V6 Type RA engine & trans died. After that; it became a garage queen that gets babied with a better trans & newer motor. Drive the car no more than twice a month.)

The reason why I'm selling is because I have a RS coupe in storage that I want to build. The money will help start the project and make room in my garage to keep the coupe.

The car runs amazing & strong Engine/Trans wise (No weird noises or leaks anywhere) and needs no major maintenance; just needs some TLC.

ALL of the fluids, timing belt, spark plugs (full tune up), and most gaskets have been changed to OEM spec or greater since the new EJ207 V6 (59k miles when it was dropped in) motor was dropped in 3.5k miles ago.

This cars handling is incredibly sharp and feels like a go-kart thanks to all the suspension upgrades!
Fairly quick too (faster than a new stock STI), but the car is meant to handle over everything.

Now info on the Car/Chassis:

Clean NV title:
2000 Subaru Impreza L with Approx 164k miles on the chassis (wanted it for the flat roof to install RA vent. )
Painted World Rally blue- 02C color code

-JDM Version 6 ej207 (Had 59k miles before I dropped it in) has about 63k on it now
-On it's second Motul oil change since it was dropped in a little over 3k miles ago.
-VF29 turbo that came with motor
-Merged harness done by iwire (Swap #279)
-GFB light weight pulleys
-Black Silicon coolant hoses
-Black Samco turbo inlet
-New crank, cam, and knock sensors
-Aluminum GD radiator (not sure the brand)
-GD FMIC (not sure the brand either)
-Turbosmart BOV (sounds great!)
-Crawford AOS for FMIC
-Stainless steel clutch line
-Stainless steel power steering high side lines (So, yes it has power steering)
-JDM STI radiator cap
-JDM STI aluminum oil cap
-Walbro 255 fuel pump
-Zerosports intake
-Heater works
-New battery
-New Alternator
-OEM timing belt kit, Aisin water pump, and thermostat done before motor was dropped in
-OEM header, up-pipe, and down-pipe gaskets.
-OEM intake manifold gaskets
-OEM valve cover gaskets
-NGK platinum plugs
-NGK Plug wires
-Version 6 Type RA ECU (Can throw in with car if not low balled to death: Brand new Plug n' play Standalone Link G4+ for Version 5-6 motor with all the necessary sensors needed to get the car tuned. It was a bit over $1,500 for all of that stuff. I rarely drive the car, so it hasn't been on the top of my list to do.)

Interior: 7/10
-OMP deep dish steering wheel w/ NRG hub
-STI pedals
-Black Impreza RS interior
-Type RA door panels
-Type RA shift surround
-Type RA DCCD cluster with proper MPH conversion
-Jet Black Zealous interior carpet (fitment is meh)
- 04 STI front and rear seats
-Kenwood double din blue tooth radio
-White Billet works piston shift knob
-ProSport gauges (Only boost gauge is wired in right now)
-JDM Passenger side airbag delete/compartment (Fitment is okay since it's for RHD, but it works perfectly fine.)
-DCCD center console switch (Need DCCD pro to work with the 2004 STI 6 speed's DCCD)
-Power windows/locks/mirrors
-Trunk is gutted

Exterior: 7/10
-JDM clear corner lights
-JDM turn signals
-JDM tail lights
-JDM light weight front bumper beam
-Retrofit headlights with square projectors made with Morimoto parts. 6000k Beam (nothing beats modern lighting on these classic cars)
-JDM flat fuel door kit
-Antenna delete
-JDM Aluminum hood with Bakemono 22b style vents & 02 Bugeye WRC cutout (has mounting points for a WRC light pod as well)
-JDM Type RA roof vent
-Genuine JDM factory optional Subaru roof scoop for the Type RA vent (Not a rep part!)
-Bakemono V6 spoiler w/ working 3rd brake light
-Sports Bumper rep front bumper (fitment isn't perfect since it's fiberglass)
-JDM front grille with pink 'i' emblem
-JDM STI fenders with badges
-JDM rear bumper

-OZ Superturismo LM wheels 5x100 17x8 +35 (They could use a powder coat to make them mint again)
-Federal RS-RR's 235/40/17 (roughly 3k on these tires)
-2004 STI Front & rear Gold Brembos
-EBC blue stuff pads front & rear (about 5k on these and they stop on a dime)
-StopTech STI Rotors
-SVX 1/16 non abs brake master cylinder
-STI brake booster
-DOT 4 Typ 200 brake fluid

-2004 USDM STI 6 Speed transmission, R180 Rear diff, & axles (Came off a wrecked STI. Currently around 94k on the trans & diff. No pops or grinds at all! Shifts very smooth and pedal feel is great!)
-Stage 1 Exedy clutch w/ ACT lightweight flywheel (around 3.5k miles on these)
-Motul Trans & diff fluid flush a month ago
-Ohlins JDM Spec Street coilovers for GC (Amazing stiff coilover! These have roughly 15k miles & I have the spanner wrench for them too)
-JDM STI Front carbon strut bar
-Rear Cusco strut bar
-Whiteline anti-lift kit
-Whiteline roll center/Bump steer kit
-Group N trans & motor mounts
-Aluminum control arms
-Beatrush rear diff brace
-Apexi 22mm swaybars all around w/ Whiteline bushings
-GC8 rear lateral links
-Pink STI trailing arms
-Whiteline bushings for steering rack
-New oem rear wheel bearings
-Torque solutions front & rear shifter bushings
-Kart boy front & rear end links
-STI clutch master cylinder
-GC STI RA front and rear cross members
-GC STI RA hubs and knuckles
-Torque solutions pitch stop mount

-Tomei Cerakote UEL headers and up pipe
-Invidia catted down-pipe
-Greddy TI catback exhaust
(This setup is great. Car sounds very nice and not too noisy)

-Compustar alarm system with: tilt sensors, glass break sensors, ect. ( can be wired in for remote start)

The cons!

(This car is supposed to be more of a weekend/ track/ autoX car and not really a daily driver, but I guess it can be, so I'm listing some stuff it's missing to be a decent daily.)

-No horn (Gets annoying not having one with all these dumb Vegas drivers)
-No antenna, so no radio! (But, the Kenwood is bluetooth anyway)
-No airbags
-No abs ( I guess this can be a con to some people)
-No AC (condenser and compressor installed, but need GC AC lines, drier, & recharge to work. Never drove the car more than twice in a month, so this never bothered me. I got muh daily cars for that.)
-Trunk wont open with interior latch (Swapped trunks about a month ago with my coupe and now it doesn't wanna unlatch. It opens fine with the key. I'll try to figure this one out)
-Need to wire in other 2 guages
-The paint isn't the best since it's a 6 year old paint job and the car used to be a track car, but no major dents or scratches.
-Will not pass smog legally because JDM motor, but it will be legal to register as a Classic next year in 2020. (I have a smog plug if the buyer is local)
-Lastly, I recommend a tune on all the new parts if the new owner will want to drive it often and to get the most power out of this motor. I have all the brand new expensive stuff needed for this, though. (As mentioned above; will throw all the stuff in if not low balled to death)

Some more photos of the car and the maintenance are on my instagram @RagingBuddhistLV (If you wanna see more of it)

Asking price is $14,000 or best offer! (Not in a rush to sell, but can also keep the wheels to drop the price by $1,200. Just gotta bring your own wheels to clear the Brembos.)

Won't turn down a reasonable offer, though! So, offer away!

Also, the only trade I am interested in is a clean title Black Impreza RS coupe with no rust with cash on your end of course! (Maybe a nice RX7 FD :sneaky:)

No Test drives unless buyer is serious w/ cash! (Learned this from reading other people's for sale ads on this group.)

I can give you a quick joy ride to see how the car feels for some gas money and Dino nuggets, though.

If there is anything I missed or you would like to know; feel free to PM me.
Serious inquiries only!

Can provide more pictures and videos upon request.

Here's up to date pics of the car:
Photo credit to @_angel51

That troll plate!

They re-did the asphalt messed up, so the car looks like it's not even.

These pics are a couple months old when the last of the major maintenance was getting done on it.

That beat up down pipe!

The New Plug N' play Link G4+ standalone I have for it

What the car used to look like

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