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kind of a shot in the dark, this being a forum for the 2.5rs, but i got faith in my old skool board.

anyway, moved to NZ and now currently rock a '99 V5 STi hatch with a few minor mods (I/H/E, BOV, RSB etc). tax season is upon us here down under, and ive finally got my hands on a few hundred dollars in gvt funny money, and want to invest in a drop for the "danger-cart".

which brings me to my question: those of you who have swapped GC/GF8 suspension work (or those in the know), how to STi pinks take to swapping out the stock springs for aftermarket "superlows"? by superlows im referring to 40-60mm drop. anyone done this? any certain brands to recommend?

respect to the new england rs25 crew. tell u what, im not gonna say i miss i miss my old RS, since i still got old school hotness with teh sti powah, but i miss old I-93/91 baaaaad... belive it or not.

thanks for any help.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts