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Not a lot of progress in the last two weeks. I’ve been waiting on parts and materials, Some of which are still backordered. So in the meantime...

Prepped the trunk for primer. It had a bunch of low spots, including where I filled the key hole. Filled, blocked and then epoxy primer the whole thing.

Picked up a set of Bakemono 22B vents. Super nicely made, all the fasteners like the OEM parts. They’re not perfectly straight though, so I’ll be sanding and filling them to get the nice and flat.

Now, I probably knew better than to use aftermarket fenders for this project. I’ve used them before on the rally car and they are in some cases actually very decently made. Maybe I have a little cheapskate in me. I ordered a pair from and they came riddled with dents and bends. I decided they weren’t worth the time to fix, and agreed to refund me and didn’t even want them returned. Guess I’ve got some rally car spares

Anyway, I have a friend who works at the dealer, so I got a good price on a pair of OEM fenders. And of course they’re packaged properly and perfectly straight so they’ll just need a scuff and primer.

So anyways, waiting on materials now. Hopefully more progress soon.

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