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my stereo got stolen a while back and i just got my new one in the mail (along with the factory harness which i will have to solder in since they cut the stock one out, PITA) and i realized that they stole the bracket or whatever the intermediate piece is that mounts up to the 4 holes where the screws go - the one in the pic below

does anybody know the part number or a place to get this besides the dealership or junk yard? (anybody got one they want to sell me? :D) also what the hell is it supposed to look like, a box that goes all the way around the two din pockets? (good aftermarket stereo was already installed when i bought the car and havent ever had to take it out)

thanks in advance

edit: FWIW im putting in a 05 wrx double din stereo and i tried to search this morning and found it but didnt know i needed it and now i cant find it again..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts