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Hi All,

I replaced my starter on my 2000 4EAT because it was grinding badly during startups (but it never failed me). Being proactive, I decided to replace the starter with a "quality-built" rebuilt unit before it leaves me stranded somewhere in the middle of winter (and I'm rebuilding my current 150K one).

After replacing the starter today, I noticed that there is a very quick screeching noise during start up. However, after multiple restarts, the sound is much less but still there... My question is:

1. Do I need to add a shim?
2. Should I remove and send it back for a replacement?
3. Will the noise eventually go away after the brushes bed in to the resurfaced armature?


PS: the bottom bolt was a REAL pain in the ass, I ended up taking it off from the TOP with a cheater bar. It took me 4X longer to change it out compared to my mr2 lol.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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