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Stainless Steel Brake Line Install how to??

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Can someone please poinmt me in the right direction for a SS brake line install with pics are??

Peaty doesnt have it,
Ravensblade doesnt have it,
I club doesnt have it,
SOme one show my the :stupid: :flame:

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It's so frickin' easy you don't need instructions. :)

1) jack car up and remove tires.
2) remove slide clips from strut mount
3) unbolt both ends
4) thread new line through strut mount.
5) bolt both ends on. remember the two washers go on either side of the caliper end of the line.
6) repeat for all brakes
7) bleed the brakes.

make sure you wash any fluid off yourself and painted parts ASAP as the stuff is nasty and will eat the paint or give you cancer.
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thats what i thought but i always want to make sure. Their is always something i dont know which i should of known..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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