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SR 25 RS - The New Age Drinking Man

Table of contents
- Page 1-
1. Brief description of me
2. The Ride
3. Cool Facts
4. Record
5. The weekend that made me realize how badass my RS really is
6. My baby has new shoes
- Page 2-
7. RIP, to my front plate :(
8. FAQ
- Page 3-
9. My baby has new shoes, or a new color atleast
10. New goodies!
- Page 4-
11. Came up on new parts
12. Oil seeping out the exhuast :(
13. Avo turbo kit sounds
14. So my tires ate shit today
15. Another Day Another Dollar
- Page 5-
16. New Gauges, Ganster shit indeed!
17. AVO Turbokit crusing sounds
- Page 6-
18. Some Sex for the camera
19. Turbo comes out
- Page 7-
20. Water Pump BS
- Page 8 -
21. I was getting some Head
22. Gribby Grabber Replacement
23. UPS man > Santa Claus
24. Rebirth of the RS, into an RSTi - Part 1
25. Rebirth of the RS, into an RSTi - Part 2 - TURBO REMOVAL
- Page 9 -
26. Rebirth of the RS, into an RSTi - Part 2 - Engine comes out!

1.About me

Welcome to my journal humans. I hope you enjoy the random posts
that will most likeley be in here. Just a little background, I live in the
bay area. Born and raised in Oakland and now going to school at
Cal State Hayward (or Eastbay if you will, damn name change!).

Just a quick run through on the car for the purpose of setting up this journal;

I purchased a 2.5 in August of 2005 with 70K miles for $9,000.
After countless months of saving and research my baby now has
turbo in it. Originally going the home brew route and now with
the kit for the purpose of just knowing my car won't blow up.
I blew my tranny at one point so after that I didn't want to have
any more problems.

2. The Ride
2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS Coupe - Sedona Red Pearl
I'm the 2nd owner.


California Registered Vanity plate reading - SR 25 RS
Custom European style license plate with US Flag reading SR 25 RS
White side markers
White Bumper signals
White Corners
2.5 RS emblem in grill

Subaru Center Guage housing
Autometer Boost Guage
Faze Air/Fuel Ratio Guage
Sony Xplod Deck
Kicker KS5.2 65rms Component Speaker set
Alpine SPS-500 55rms 2way Speaker set
_______ 90rms per channel 4ch amp
_______ --rms 2 channel amp
2 10" Type R's - Sub box

AVO Turbo Kit
AVO up and down pipes
AVO Top Mount Intercooler
AVO GT28r Ball-Bearing Turbo-Oil+Water Cooled
AVO Sequential Blow off valve
Rallytech PP6 with 5th Injector
Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
Rebuilt Crank
Rebuilt Heads/Valvework
Resurfaced cylinders
STi Pistons
STi Rods

New shortblock, meet old shortblock

Old pistons, meet new pistons

Oil pan, oil pump, waterpump, flywheel/clutch/pressure plate are on

Head 1 on, yay

ACT Street Clutch
Excedy Pressure Plate

Stock 6 spoke RS Wheels
Fuzion ZRi Tires - 205/55R16 (stock size)

3.Cool Facts
1. My car is on the cover page of the first calender.

nice and clean since selling the RS, HA!


sold it to Susie the Subie
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5.The weekend that made me realize how badass my RS really is

So this weekend I went on a camping trip (more of a binge drink out in the woods trip) with some of my buddies.
We knew the weather would suck balls but we went anyways.

So the weekend began with buying a keg, about 3 liters of good ole' uncle jack and a bunch of hotdogs and random snacks.
My roomate Tootsie and I were the first to arrive so we decided to set up the camp site. We picked a little location with a bench
near the water and we began setting up the tent. After countless references to Les Stroud of the epic show survivor man we
were ready to to continue our adventure.

Once the tent was set up we noticed something very imporant. Survivor man himself would say we were crazy to forget something
so important, but at least we set up housing so I guess he would let it slide. We had no fire wood! Good thing we saw a patch of old
cut down trees sitting around about 50 yards away.

I mean look at this, it's a gold mine for fire wood.

After not really having much of a way to get the firewood to the campsite I decided to put my RS into use.
AWD so I won't get stuck in the mud and most important of all, mud makes the car looks even more badass.

So I backed up near some trees but we really had no trunk space for anything. I ended up taking out my subwoofers from the trunk
and throwing them into the backseat of the RS. But this made the car even more badass because now I had a trunk full of fire wood.
Has an RS ever been sexier?

Yes it has, it got sexier when we really filled the entire trunk to the top with wood.
I didn't ge any pictures but to accomplish this major feat I ended up drving into a mud pool
in the center of all the trees. Ah the sexiness of AWD.

A picture of the Turbo for you Forced Induction fans...

The night soon came and we cracked open many 2liter bottles of Coca Cola and
that uncle jack mentioned earlier.


Basically we got fucked up this weekend and stayed warm thanks to the firewood
provided by the RS. What a grand time.

We basically woke up to mountains of mud and rain. We suffered 35MPH winds
and we were drunk in the tent when these winds broke through and knocked over
the tent. Is there anything funner than a bunch of drunks running around in 35MPH
winds in the rain with mud everywhere trying to run into the RS for shelter? I think

After cleaning up in the morning we hit up Sonic's on the way back to the bay area
since the nearest one is about 45min away. Good times, glad I drive an RS.

And my baby got to play in the mud a little.

- Cheers!
SR 25 RS

sold it to Susie the Subie
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6. My baby has new shoes

So today I went to the local tire shop to get some new shoes for my baby.
I'm headed to LA this weekend and thought it would be a good idea since it's
been raining in the bay lateley, so LA with it's crappy drivers and traffic would
be a bad idea to be in with bad tires. Just to give you guys an idea, this is
what my tires currently look like.

Yes I know, pretty bad. Need a better idea? Sure...lets perform the penny test.

Again, pretty bad. I'm just asking to die. My tires were Fuzion ZRi tires, but
wider than stock. They were 225/50/16. So I walked into the tires
store looking for another pair of Fuzion ZRi tires. I really like the way these tires
treated me, and for the price they aren't bad at all. Even though they are
summer tires, I figured a new summer tire is better in the rain than what we
saw above.
This time rather than buying the wider tires, I decided to go with stock size.
I'm planning on getting some P1 springs and the KYB AGX struts combo and I don't
want any rubbing so stock would be my best bet.

Yay! New shoes!

And to give you an idea of the difference between new shoes and those
old ones I have...the Penny Test!

Lookout road, here I come!
- Cheers!

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Ah yes, some one who puts the RS to it's true use... of fire wood gathering and part time storm shelter! Sounds like a fun camping trip. I couldn't think of a better place to be in a storm then a RS.

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looks hot !! how much power are you getting with that turbo kit??
I'm not sure what my HP is at right now since the 5th injector and the
PP6 aren't in the car. I've actually been running without any Engine
management since January 2nd (the day I installed it, about 3,000 miles
ago) and the car is fine. No blowing up at all like everyone says, maybe I'm
just lucky. All I have in there now is the fuel pump, the fpr, and the air/fuel
ratio guage keeping me 'safe.' So I would guess somewhere in the 245HP range
judging from the pull and speed I feel. I'm wiring up the PP6 and 5th injector
next week so I'll be doing 265HP as the AVO kit claims to be doing.
I'll dyno it sometime next month.

As for those tires. The crazy people at the tire shop tried charging me
$125 to mount and balance my tires, fuck that. I went to my good ole'
fellow brown people instead and they did it for $40 as long as they got
to keep the old tires. Afterwards I went to get my alignment done, turns
out most tires were off by a normal amount except for my rear right.
It's supposed to have a toe angle of 13 degrees....mine was at 44.

Anyways, here is the car with no tires

Pretty cool.
And here it is afterwards. High Five for Mexicans!

Kick ass! I took some intense turns on the way back. Yay for new shoes!

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yeah, they finished in like 10 min. In and out. ^getaforknjob^ I want to get a V5/6 wing. But it's hard to find one that's already SRP or non cracked that isn't. I don't have the funds
to buy a new one and get it painted right now.

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7. RIP to my front plate

So last weekend I went to LA for this regional conference thing...ROADTRIP!
To keep things short and sweet, here is a quick run down of a few shinanigans....

Me getting my coffee for the long trip

My homeboy Tootsie

The Chonster

That fool Bright-Eyes

And Joey Twelve.

Anyways, after we stole that sign...

...and after I thought I was a ninja of some sort...

...we embarked on our journey to get to LA in a couple hours

Yay, boost and stoich readings!

When we got there we arrived early and Joey Twelve didn't want to sleep
in the car anymore, so he grabbed his sleeping bag and slept on the street.

He actually slept there for about 2hours. When he woke up he found some change
next to him too.

So moving on...on the ride back we used our trusty sign to hopefully
get some girls attention.

My dumbass forgot the S, so I guess one boob was it for the night.

Oh look! A duel! I lost...

So now back to the story, We were flying home on a VERY VERY windy
night and there was all kinds of crap and tumbleweed just going across
the 5.

I see a giant one ahead of me and to quote my buddy Tootsie "It was the size
of a fucking VW Bug!"
After I hit it at 70+ MPH it exploded into a gajillion pieces. Quite entertaining I must say.
This is all that was left of that beast.

So, one week later today. I'm putting on the radiator shroud that I got in the mail on Friday
and I noticed something.


Damn that brush. That plate is who I am around here. Now I have to buy another one. I wanted to leave it on but I can't deal with the way it was

Rest in Peace old friend.

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8. Frequently Asked Questions

I've had a couple of FAQ's from various members in the past, usually
in regards to the AVO kit so I thought I'de make a little FAQ for future
reference. Enjoy!

We'll start off with a PM from myself to HondaH8er

So I assume by your avatar that you have an AVO kit. I purchased one about a
week and a half ago and it's still processiing. How long do they usually take
before they charge and ship it to you? Also, how satisfied are you with it? I mean,
I already bought it but I'm just curious how it turned out.

I took quite a while for me to get mine, they didn't have one in the warehouse,
so I had to wait for it to get shipped from Australia.
I think it was around 3 months from the time I ordered it to the time I got it.
As for satisfaction, I'm very happy with it. I've put about 15k
miles on since it went in, and have had no serious issues. Only problem it has
caused is my clutch slips more every day, but I am still running the factory clutch
with 72k on it now, so that was expected. Also, the more you use
boost, the worse your gas mileage, so be prepared. And since you need premium gas,
be ready for expensive fill-ups. My last on was $45. All stuff
that goes with boost, I reckon.

Running Turbo with a stock setup Questions from Trix

Hey I know you had the AVO quite a while now. How is it holding up? I'm
really thinking about getting it for my wagon for autocross. I really don't need
280hp and I don't have a garage to do my own swap right now. I want
somewhere around 220hp so I can be more competitive in SM. Are you running off
the stock ecu still? Also did you ever hook up the 5th injector?
Let me know man. I may be getting the AVO kit for my 2.2L soon

I'll be contacting AVO soon. I want to be top dog in my regional SCCA SM
class. I'm pushing around 160bhp which is what my scanguageII is telling me. I usually
get in around top 3 of my class. Most of the cars i'm competing with
have over 180hp at the wheels. Did your PP6 come with maps? I think i'll need mine
tuned to set it up for my 2.2L.

I got the PP6 and 5th injector in about a week or two ago. It works great
and is really easy to install. The homebrew kit route is simple too, but it is
actually very complicated to get to work and I couldn't handle that
any more. With the AVO I at least know my car
won't explode because I can't afford to replace an
engine. If 220 is what you want, you will be completley
happy with what the AVO kit will give you.

The guys over at AVO were very informative, helpful and quick to reply to my
E-Mails when I purchased my kit. The PP6 comes pre-tuned so there is no
need for maps from what I was told, but you may want to
inform them you have a 2.2L just in case the maping"is any different (probobly is).

...More to come as they arrive

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Just want to mention and thank Darwin for hooking it up with
suspension and rotors for free!

Thanks man!

99 Outback Sport
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Damn that brush. That plate is who I am around here. Now I have to buy another one. I wanted to leave it on but I can't deal with the way it was

Rest in Peace old friend.

Why don't you just bend it back or lay it on the ground and drop something heavy and flat on it to move it back into shape? Shouldn't be too hard to fix.
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