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SPT vs. Stock spring height compare

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Just thought I'd share this. I know you can't put to much into the differences in height but it's just something to look at. Plus these SPT springs for my '99 are a real purty blue! ;)

Note - all the stock springs are the same height.


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Well those bottom 3 coils on my SPT springs are sitting against eachother while the car is on them, and the rest of the spring gets compressed a bit too. It does actually lower the car. :) But not a large amount. Just about perfect in my book.
Stupid question but which one is the front and which is the back? Would the longer of the two go on the front struts?
The long ones go on the back. When my springs came in the mail I thought the long ones went up front.

If you're bored some day why don't you throw the springs on the wrong ends and take some pics. I bet it'd be really funny looking. :)
I have been thinking about getting these springs so can you guys fill me in on how you installed them and what the ride of your car is like now.

many thanks
how I installed them?

Went over to a buddy's place who has done suspensions before and who has an air wrench. (without a pass-through wrench, an air wrench is the best way to get the strut tops off of the struts)
Jacked the car up, yanked the tires off. pull the speed sensor off the front struts, then cut the brake line brackets to avoid messing with the brakes, then pulled the two bolts from the bottom of the strut and the 3 nuts from the top. after pulling the strut/spring assemblies out, ran the top nut off with the air gun, cleaned the boot up, cleaned the upper perch up, cleaned the rubber pads up, and assembled the new springs on the v5 struts with STi top mounts. Used the air wrench to run the top nuts on, and then put everything back together. Oh, we notched the brake brackets on the new struts too. Then I took it in for an alignment.

What's the ride like?

It's more like a go-kart than before. It's a little on the bouncy side, but that might be either the fat on my ass or the springs in the seat. :eek:

It's a LOT more connected with the road. It used to sorta float over expansion joints on the freeway, now it's glued down. Of course it's a little louder too, due to road noise coming through the STi mounts. But whatever. I don't really care. I'm building the car for the grin-factor, not for the luxury. If I wanted luxury I would have bought a used Lexus.
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I Agree

I just installed some on my car (well actually me and my buddies did) I like them very well....the ride is still decent although I do notice them getting a little rougher as they settle. they make the car handle very well....

dont buy this kit as a cosmetic kit is more of a performance kit.....the drop is only about 1 inch..and thats it. quality is surpurb......we had them swaped out on my car in about 3 hours flat. you dont even have to remove the front brake lines to install them. we did have to do the rears we ended up bleeding the big deal.

I highly recommend them for a good streetable suspension upgrade....

I do get a rub every once in a while...I run 215/45/17s......if I bottom hard enough they will rub...nothing serious though.

horatio102 said:
Well those bottom 3 coils on my SPT springs are sitting against eachother while the car is on them
Yeah, mine are like that too, if I go over a bump where the rear suspension unloads and then compresses hard, I get a nice *CLUNK*
yamarocket630 said:

Yeah, mine are like that too, if I go over a bump where the rear suspension unloads and then compresses hard, I get a nice *CLUNK*
Damn. Is that what's making the clunk? I had my car stripped trying to figure it out... I knew it was coming from the rear, but where? I took out the seats, sub, spare tire, the jack, EVERYTHING. :)

Oh well. I was kinda worried that it might be a strut top bolt walking loose, but if it's the coils I'll learn to ignore it.
The H&R's come with a clear rubber cover over those bottom "tender" coils, so that they don't make any noise as the compress/decompress against each other. Probably too late now (i.e. not worth taking the suspension off for), but you could do the same thing with those just by using some properly sized tubing over those bottom coils.

Thanks for the FYI... next time I yank the suspension off :rolleyes: I'll just throw some on. :D

What do I look like? Austin? :lol:

If I remember this, I'll do it when the struts wear out. :)
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