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I am getting KYB AGX (new) and i got 2 choices of springs to get right now and with my limited knowlege i really dont know what's a better way to go.

1: Ground Controls Sleeves - made by Eibach

used for about 3 month- 3000 miles

Front 8" 340 spring rate
Rear 8" 250 spring rate

what's the drop on these things...?

300$ + shipping

2: Tanabe sustec H springs - Brand new
Lower by 1 1/4".

Front 220 spring rate
Rear 165 spring rate

very close to Ver 5 springs.

160 + shipping

Plz dont just say get these.., but explain why.


ps: sorry for double posting, really want an answer.

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OK, the Tanabes are springs, the ground controls are adujsutable coil-over sleeves + eibach springs. If you want to be able to adjust your ride height, go with the GCs (I have seen better prices though). As for the Tanabes, I don't know too much about them, the price seems reasonable though. You do have a ton of other options though, Eibach Pros, STIs, MRT, Intrax, Prodrive, Whteline, and more.
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