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OK, I ordered the original springs for my son's 2005 RS and we will be replacing the Tein lowering springs that are on the car (when we bought it) with stock springs (in order to raise it to clear the snow this winter) this weekend. I have researched and researched on the internet to see what we need to do to replace them. Some videos/descriptions don't say or show anything about compressing the springs. They just show the guy unscrewing the nut on the top of the strut, pulling the old spring out, putting the new spring in and putting the nut back on.

I've done springs on much, much older cars in the past (i.e. 1960's muscle cars) and we definitely had to compress the springs to get them in. Will we need to compress the old springs to get them out (they are lowering springs) and/or compress the new ones (stock springs) to get them back in?

Finally, are there torque specs for the top nut on the strut to tighten to? I assume after we get the new stock springs in we'll need to tighten that nut down to spec.

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