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Spokane area autocross schedule

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Just got the first autocross newsletter of the year :) This is from AutoSports Northwest (ASNW). Their website is

Here's the schedule . . .

"Our first event on April 21st at the Greyhound Park will soon be upon us so I wanted to post a few details about registration and tech/safety inspections.

"The first run group of the day will start at approximately 10:00 am So get there early and get your car race ready, tech'ed, registered, and the course walked. Tech will open a 9:00 am and will reopen after the first run group is over for late arrivals. Between 9:30 and 10:00 there will be a drivers meeting. For more details on tech/safety inspections visit our tech page.

"A notice to novices that there will be a novice meeting in addition to the drivers meeting prior to the start of the event so extra time should be taken in consideration in getting registered.

"Order of Registration

1. Get your entry form and fill it out. (can be printed from the web site)
2. Go through tech/safety inspection.
3. Go pay your entry fee at the trailer.

"2002 event fees will be $15.00 for members and $20.00 for non-members.

"All members must have there 2002 membership paid by the first event to retain there current car number or numbers. The membership fees will remain the same for 2002. $30.00 for single, $45.00 for family/couple.

"To qualify for the 2002 championship series, memberships must be paid by the second event."

"Also if you are a SCCA or a BMWCCA member you will only need to pay club members fee's for the days event registration."

And here's the schedule for the whole year . . .

  1. 4/21/02 Coeur d'Alene Greyhound Park (Post Falls, ID)
  2. 5/19/02 Spokane Raceway Park
  3. 6/9/02 Silverwood Theme Park (near Hayden Lake, ID)
  4. 7/14/02 Spokane Raceway Park
  5. 8/11/02 Spokane Community College
  6. 9/15/02 Spokane Community College
  7. 10/12/02 Spokane Raceway Park (Octocross)
  8. 10/13/02 Spokane Raceway Park (Octocross)

If you've never autocrossed before (or need a refresher) check out the Solo II Novice Handbook on their website. It's pretty good. You can also contact me.

Hope to see you guys there!

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