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split second vc1

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what wires do i connect the blue/red and blue wire to? i have the ecu pinout from but i dont know what its called, does anyone know?
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If you look at the ECU pinout, try to find the MAP wire, though it is called the Pressure Sensor wire in the pinout. I know that it is on connector B136, and I THINK that its wire number 26. This wire is probably going to be for one of the wires, as this is what causes fuel cut when the MAP pressure reaches greater than 4.7 volts. I don't have one of my car (just a zener diode) though I would assume that the Pressure Sensor wire and a power wire would be necessary.

must you second guess me? I already gave you the pics AND the pinout number, and told you what to connect to where!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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