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Spicy or not?

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I am thinking (well more like when I take a ride in rudy’s car I will order that day) about getting Cobb’s cams for my MY99 and I plan on getting heads around next summer should I go with the spicy? I plan to stay NA but if I do decide to go turbo or SC it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to get the turbo cams to swap out. If your going to do it you might as well do it right IMO. But would I have to bump the redline up to use the power of the cams?
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I have the spicy cams, and love them. Yes, it idles a little rougher, no worse than my stock Toyota 4x4. The power is very good, all the way to the kill-joy rev limiter. The loss of bottom end is noticable, but not extreme. I can still pull steep hills at 55-60 in 5th with the cruise on and lose no more than 3 mph. Feels like a 2.2 up to about 3k. the power is very smooth, even lugging the engine, no hiccups or misfiring. Only got a CE light once, because I didn't get the #4 plug wire pushed all the way on the plug when I first put it together. A Haltec would be a nice addition though, to get the rev limiter a little higher.
The "kick-in" so to speak, is about the same as stock around 4300, but it just more power, and it doesn't taper off above 5500 like the stock cams. My "butt-dyno" tells me that it feels like a 2.2 below 2500-3000. From 3k to about 4 it starts to pick up power, and seems to supass the stock cams by 4k, then really takes off. Obviously, the Spicy cams will work best with other breathing mods. ie intake,exhaust, headers...
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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