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Spicy or not?

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I am thinking (well more like when I take a ride in rudy’s car I will order that day) about getting Cobb’s cams for my MY99 and I plan on getting heads around next summer should I go with the spicy? I plan to stay NA but if I do decide to go turbo or SC it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to get the turbo cams to swap out. If your going to do it you might as well do it right IMO. But would I have to bump the redline up to use the power of the cams?
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I knew the cams wouldn't work with a turbo but if I do decide to go turbo I am going to go balls out and get the cams too so switching them would not be a problem. And I was hoping that by the time I can afford the heads the unichip for a GC8 will be out or I can afford a TEC-II (maybe one will come up in the classifieds of price drop for TEC-II when TEC-III comes out) or Haltech. Since the spicy cams peak at redline can't you still run them just shifting at redline. Are there any power differences other that RPM range?
Hndatch627 said:
i'm sure you'll see more HP but it's gonna idle rougher and it's won't make as smooth low end power. But i am sure you'll make MORE HP.

MORE HP isnt that what where all after :D ? I am more worried about usable power. I love the torque i have now and since my girlfriend has a 00' celica GT-S i can't be slacking of else my GIRLFRIENDS car will be able to take me. That would not be too fun. Am i going to have to row though the gears like crazy to keep it in a narrow powerband? or is the curve simialr to the one posted on Cobb's site?
So where do the regular ones kick in at? 3k is fine with me I was thinking they didnt really kick in till higher in the RPMs. Have you ever had a chance to compare them with someone in a bolt-on rs or someone with the other cobb cams?
Well so far I have the borla headers, random tech. Cat., stromsung mid-pipe and dual-tip exhaust. The only issue is an intake since I have a MY99 I am currently running a DIY retaining the stock airbox with some 3” tubing going to a ractive cone filter that is lined up with the hole in the fender. I am just waiting for something to come out so I can have a real intake :mad:
Yes we do I may be leaving new years day for work and will not be back for approximately 1.5 weeks but I will be sure to give you a shout when I get home. I really don’t want any low-end loss either but I do however want the most I can get while saving up for a nice turbo kit, NA heads or a supercharger. The bug has bitten me big time since this is my first car (3 jeep wranglers previously) build up.
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