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speedo........problems with warrenty

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Had a question about the speedo in the 98rs.......i've asked before but it's been awhile since. The speedo in that car is NOT(?)a cable driven like the older style cars, it's electronic isn't it....? My dealership is saying that the GOLD warranty bumper to bumper 6yrs. or 80,000 miles may not cover that.....WTF! So i pay $780 bucks and of course the first time i need it it doesn't cover it....any help out there?
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Can't help you other than to give the common advice - Call another dealer. Or get on's chat and talk to those guys.. they might be able to yell around a corner and get a service guy to help.
Some times it does and sometimes it doesn't it's doesn't matter on anything else weather, hot, cold just whenever? The dealer says it's a cable but i didn't think that ours had a cable?
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