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Speed VIsion jan 1 raly marathon

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There is a WRC marathon starting 8 am and going tell 2:30 am on speedvision. I am trying to figure out how I can record / watch it all
I can't wate, rally STI baby

I wan to see it all in one night
who gets burnt :flame:
who crashes :curse:
and who comes out on top :nuetron:
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Well since i will probably fall asleep at about 1215 on new years eve after the fireworks by my house, i can get up to watch it. the only thing that sucks is that i work ont he 2nd so i cant stay up too late. Thanks for the info!
we'll see how long the woman lets me watch it for :stupid:

AAAARRRRGGGG! I'm gonna be out of town, in a house with no cable, AAAARRRRGGGG!:curse: :curse:
someone record it for me? please?
Yeah baby, 12 hours of rally :)
gotta figure out how to hook the vcr up to the digital cabl box to record...well that'll give me something to do
vcr, nope
80 gig hard drive baby
and a tv tuner card
got to take out the 4 20 gig partisions and make it a stright c: 80 gig partsion
i should be able to do it:biggest:
:burnout: :burnout:
:burnout: :burnout:
I am just going to have to try and stay awake the whole time. Thats gonna be tough. I fall asleep easily if i dont move for a while!
Thanks for the family got my dad a TiVo for Christmas, so I'll put it to good use:D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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