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Hello, everyone!

After months of searching for a good GF to buy, (you can see previous candidates and my adventures with them here and here), I can finally start working on Sora:


Here's a brief summary about the car:
It's a 1994 1.8 (EJ18) Impreza Wagon (GF6). The car is pretty much stock, the only modification I could spot so far is the steering wheel (which looks a lot like the one from 2.5RS's, but I think came from a Legacy... Are they the same?).
Maybe also wheels? Though I'm not sure which wheels came with these originally...

The car appears to have been well kept... The previous owner had it for 11 years and serviced it regularly on a specialized shop here in São Paulo. It runs and drives great! I took it for a quick canyon drive over this past weekend and fell in love with how it handles, even if it doesn't have a lot of power (yet)!
It has been recently repainted (which worried me a lot during the buying process, since I'd already seen a "polished turd" a few months ago). Still, if it had body issues before, they don't appear to have been massive, it's structurally sound as far as I can tell.

Anyways, I'm very happy to officially be a part of the Impreza family and excited to start working on the car.

Next steps:
-Basic maintenance (fluids, belts, light bulbs etc)
-Wheels & tires
-Springs and shocks

I will update this thread with the build progress, but if you want to follow along more closely, you can do so at
Sora's Instagram


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Wow, I'm really happy you finally found one! Good luck and I'll be following this
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