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Hi there. This will be my first post so thanks for any help you peeps can offer.

I picked up a 2003 Subaru Legacy 2.5l from a used car dealership about a month ago. It was running a bit rough but had a rust free body so I made them an offer and they accepted. Basically I just dove right in to the Subaru world accepting that I would be learning a few things in the near future as I dealt with repairs....

Anyway ... the engine was vibrating at just around 1500 rpm. Rev it higher and it smooths out. It does vibrate a little bit in park and neutral.

After trying a few of the usual things(spark plugs, motor mounts) I noticed that the accessory pully on the crankshaft was wobbling a bit so I took it off and found a mess....
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So how screwed am I? Only about 3/4 of the key came out. The rest is still in there and I can’t get the timing pully/sprocket thingy off.
It looks like the pully/sprocket is off by about 5 degrees or so. Would this be the cause of it vibrating at 1,500rpm? Could I just stick my welder in there and fill up the key area and call it good?

Should I just buy a jdm wrx engine?😜

Thanks again for any helpful advice.

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You're going to have to pull the sprocket to see if the crank's keyway is totally boned. If keyway isn't too boned, you can just put a new key in, get a new crank sprocket and pully and be on your way.

If it's boned, you can replace the crank (probably not cost effective) or get a new oem woodruff key and have it welded in permanently. Or swap in a different motor if that's your goal anyways, now's your chance.
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