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1999 Impreza L
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1999 Aspen White Impreza L Coupe

I have owned this car for the last 7 years and unfortunately we have to part ways. It starts up, drives, stops, turns and works as it should, but it does need some work and I don’t have the time or space to do it. The car is absolutely driveable as is and everything I can think of is down below. Mileage is around 164,500, plus about 10 miles every week as I still drive it to run errands. All information about the car is below the photos.

Asking Price: SOLD
Title in hand!

I can be contacted through PM or by email if you are interested, have more questions or want more pictures.

The Rundown:
Interior: Like most L model Imprezas it has the yummy chocolate brown and caramel interior. I replaced the front seats with those from a 2003 WRX and painted the center console black. The roof has been re-wrapped in sultry black suede and all interior pieces above the window are painted black. There is also an Alpine audio receiver that lets you play music through bluetooth or a connected iPod. The rear seat belts are removed, but I have them in a box and they can easily be put back in (long story about why they came out, but I was too lazy to put them back).

Exterior: The exterior is in pretty good shape with the standard dings and bumps from loading bikes, driving on the interstate and wayward grocery carts. The only major problem (or bonus) is the passenger side front fender - it has been painted in chalkboard paint. So, it can either be your canvas for drawings or your friends can draw phallic objects on it like mine do when I’m not looking.

Chassis: The car is originally from Florida and has only been in Colorado the last two years. This means it enjoyed a sunny easy life with mild winters. No rust on the body or chassis, just some grime. The car has also never been in a major accident. I rear ended a Ford Explorer, but at low speed and it only scratched the front bumper and cracked the grill (grill replaced) because he had a trailer hitch and that was the only thing I hit. The chassis is straight and true.

Drivetrain: I have converted this car from an Automatic to a Manual w/ a cable actuated clutch. The transmission, driveshaft and rear differential were replaced during this swap as was the pedal box - obviously. There are no issues with this swap. Everything works as it should and all sensors are wired into place. You will not be seeing any random codes or lights flashing. I spent over four months working out the wiring until it was perfect. The only thing out of the ordinary is that the backup lights are on a switch in the dashboard. More on the transmission and engine below.

Upgraded Parts:
Grimmspeed Lightweight Crank Pulley (black)
2003 WRX Front Seats
2003 WRX brakes on all four corners (2 Piston Front, Single Piston Rear)
Blitz Nur Spec Axle-Back Exhaust
Cusco Rear Sway Bar (I believe 21-23mm adjustable)
KYB AGX Struts
Tanabe GF210 springs

Other items of note:
Timing Belt replaced around 15,000 miles ago
Radiator replaced around 15,000 miles ago
Oil Change done every 3-4k miles
Air filter replaced 20 miles ago

Stuff That Needs Fixin’:
Transmission: The transmission is on it’s way out. I can hear a loud whirring/grinding noise when the clutch is engaged and the local shop (SuperRupair) said it is most likely a bearing. It is driveable, and will continue to be driveable, but will ultimately need replacement in the future. I was told driving around town would be fine, but not to go long distances (across state lines), or push it hard (standard spirited driving) and that would keep it together. I was told the clutch is also slipping, but I can’t feel it in my left foot - but if the tranny comes out, might as well replace the clutch then.

Engine: Head Gaskets and Valve Cover Gaskets are leaking. It’s not terrible, but halfway between each oil change I check it and toss in about ¼ to ½ a quart. Otherwise oil is changed between every 3-4k miles.
Power Steering Pump: There is leaking from the power steering pump. I don’t know much else about what is good/bad here.

Rear CV Axles: The boots are torn so either the boots need replacing or the whole axle. Might be easier to get a refurb axle from a parts store and take the old ones in for a core charge.

Tires: The tires are worn and will need replacing. This is not an issue during dry days or the summer, but right now on the icy Colorado roads things are a bit sketchy. Thank goodness for AWD.

Brakes: The Pads and Rotors have life left in them, but will probably need replacing soon.

2 Subaru Oil filters (blue)
1 Quart of Subaru Extra-S transmission fluid
Size Large Subaru t-shirt from LL Bean
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