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SoCal RS Clubbers!

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Here's some stuff going on starting at the SCIC. Dunno if all of you check that forum out so here's the links to the good stuff. I'm definately going to the BBQ on 4/27 dunno about the other. Any of you RS'ers gonna go?

BBQ 4/27

Mission Valley 4/20 Party
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Pretty sure? That depending on your alter-ego? :)
WOW, you guys suck!! Don't you have something better to do at 10:30 on a saturday?? Go ride a bike or something. Tell VAL i'm going to kick his ass if I see him.:curse:
[email protected] SUBARU said:
I have 2 names on this board also, but I don't think you guys can figure out what the other is because the last time I used it most of you weren't on the board yet.
Should I change my name??
Sorry to bring up I-club stuff!! But I am thinking of changing my name on the i-club back to my OG name, TMRRALLY. My opinions my not be the right things to say being that my name reflects the dealer. I've tried starting 2nd names and I guess they have been contavericial(spelling) weather I want them to be or not. Fishguy seems to think NO ONE should have more than one name. He also thinks he has control over the whole site. This being the case I guess I would be better off changing my name or just being quiet.

What so you think??? I want to have this finished ASAP.


I made that really hard to figure out!!
LOL Yeah... but I just remember you talking about that and you were laughing cuz you said you gave us a big hint but no one figured it out ... I was going through that old thread and saw your name on there... never did realize that was you posting that :)

Just thought it was funny :biggest:
obsidian said:
... I was going through that old thread and saw your name on there... never did realize that was you posting that :)

Dude you must have a lot of time on your hands!!! want to trade Jobs:rolleyes:Now post something I can't whore all by myself!!!!
FRAKK's2.5 said:
want to trade Jobs :rolleyes:
[email protected] SUBARU said:
Who much does it pay??
Actually, for the last hundred years, the DoD is not allowed to pay employees with other people. We only get paid with some silly piece of paper.
Was that supost to be funny?!?!?

Look I found a pick of you guys at work!


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[email protected] SUBARU said:
Was that supost to be funny?!?!?
Yes. I found it pretty funny myself :D

Although, admitedly, not as funny as that picture!! :D
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