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So during a backroad cruise today something popped.

I was turning around at low speed then started to get on it and thought I heard it misfire and stumble to so I tried to give it some revs to see it would clear up for some reason and it just died. So it sounded like no compression while it was cranking so I checked the timing belt and it was moving so I called a tow truck. Had the car towed over to a buddys shop and found a bad coil.

The coil overheated ( thats what I am guessing) and while we were testing it and found out the number one coil was dead and the others were weak. So I bought a new coil that worked and it still would not start.

Do a compression test and passenger bank is both at zero and the drivers side bank was around 150.

We were thinking the missfires/detonation popped the headgasket that may have been weak anyway. The plugs were clean and we looked into it with a borescope and the pistons had no holes.

So do you guys think headgaskets?

God I dont want to spend that kinda money now.
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