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So I blew up my rear differential this weekend

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Thats a bad sound when you start shearing teeth from your spider gears, even worse feeling as it locks up mid corner at a SOLO....we replaced the offending unit and all is well. I will post some pictures when I can...nasty mess inside.

Now, why did it break?

Its an open diff
I dog leg frequently in tight corners
I have stickey tires

Is it from the shock load of the tire landing after dog legging?
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So I blew up my rear differential this weekend
and how :eek: :eek: :eek:
I'd like to see those pics! :eek:
I hope you replaced it with a viscous unit!
Wow that sucks. Where you using stock differential fluid? Just wonderin.

Nick C.
Yikes! that sucks, kinda makes me worry about my viscous unit on my car, before, when I just had KYB-AGX and eibach springs, my friends said that I was lifting the rear tire on tight fast sections at auto-x, that can't be a good thing (for the car atleast).

Good luck in getting a replacement... I too would like to see the pictures of this...

One of my friends blew his gears and his rear diff, I only got to see the remains of the gear box, but missed out on the diff...
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