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snowing outside?

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Hmmm.. not outside anyway. Very clever. :)
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huh??? :confused:
it's snowed an INCH!! was so awesome to wake up to snow FINALLY!!!
it stopped snowing in my town awhile ago. so whens the ice gonna freeze up so i can go ice fishing?
meebs said:
Hmmm.. not outside anyway. Very clever. :)
Guys...if you've got the forums bookmarked, go to the main page of'll get it then! :D
Oh, I get it now! :lol:
Snow! I want some, now!
Yeah really! It's now freaking cold here, but it's still not snowing!:hoppin: :hoppin:
James say's we're getting snow this weekend. Yay! Doughnuts!

Nick C.
Lookin for my street corner girl.
Andrew said:
i wnat snow :(
me too... but I want snow :biggest: :biglaugh: :biggest: :biglaugh: :biggest: ...

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I heard it's going to snow in CT tomorrow or during this weekend :D

Too bad I'll be away from my car.. In friggen Boston..


I'm driving over Snoqualime pass tomorow evening... Last weekend they had to close the pass at times for avelanche control. Should be a nice drive!:biggest:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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