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SNOW in the SE

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Yep, it just started snowing here a little while ago. Anyone else going to go out and play? :D
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Sure... if it's far far away from the other idiots on the roads.

I just posted my story from tonight on i-club... basically I had to flag someone in a Jeep Cherokee down and show them how to put it into 4WD... because she slid it off the road in front of me a few minutes before.
Some people have no clue how to drive in snow. Sometimes the meaness comes out in me especially when I see folks who have no business out when they don't even have a vehicle suited for snow travel. But if anyone is in need of assistance I would do my best to help out.:biggest: Right now I have been trying to convince the wife to go for a joy ride, but I don't think she likes that idea to much. I've got to do something, this is the first decent snowfall I have seen since I got my RS. I missed having it for the big snow of 2000. I got her right after that in February 2000.
Having to show someone how to put it in 4wd?? That's horrible. I was out playing on 4wheelers.....hehe

Loads of fun. :biggest:

Have to wait until tomorrow for some more fun....but then there will be even more snow. hehe :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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