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snip snip

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i snipped wires on my radio harness because i couldnt find one for my car when i wanted to put my stereo in heh
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Can anyone help put a stereo in my car?? I'm getting alittle bored with my STOCK one.
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Yes but it would be a long drive for you. :)
i could help, or you could just do it yourself?
I ran out of electrical tape when doing my stereo, so I used aluminum foil, is that O.K.? Also, why do I keep blowing fuses?:confused:
That's good! What's even funnier is your location, yamaharocket630! I'm not too far away, in Toledo, and we've gotten a little bit so far this month. :curse:

I_H8_1.8- speaking of location, i thought NJ was the armpit of the world. Smells like it anyway
Trust me, Ohio blows goats! I lived in NJ for a while and it wasn't that bad. Almost everyone in my area is mean and pissed off, the roads are horrible, the girls are mostly ugly or defective, and imports are generally not as accepted as they are elsewhere because gm and chrysler have plants close by and Detroit is not far away, either. Everybody and their FUCKIN JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE $30000 POS likes to cut you off.........I could go on and on but for some reason I feel somewhat releived now! How does NJ compare to that? :D
Okay, this forum is not as popular as I would have thought... I may have to kill it soon... :eek:
Oh yeah-the weather sucks too! :curse:
I think it will pick up-I really haven't posted anything here yet because I don't have anything worth posting. Tell you what-I'll start a new thread!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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