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Well here is my first build thread even though I have owned 4 gc model subarus. My first was an 01 04 STI swap ( My Favorite )
Then I went to a 93 L all stock except some hotbits coilovers and wheels. (Still loved that one)
Then a 95 L bone stock ( which was tore up from the floor up, blown shocks, etc.) Still loved it.

Now I have come to start my first ground up build.

I purchased the car about 2 months ago from an old larger gentleman who took very good care of it. 140k miles, strong 2.2 in it still. AWD OBS White with beige accents. No blown shocks, only issue is rear wheel bearing needs to be swapped, and I think front axle needs a rebuild. Other than that I LOVE HER.

Please subscribe as I will try to move as quick as possible through the build (2 years LMAO) Depending on how money permits and the fiance's word.

Heres one pic so far:


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