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2005 Legacy GT Wagon 5 Speed
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What: 99 Subaru Impreza outback Sport Wagon
Mileage: 155,XXX
Transmission: 4EAT
What the car was used for: I won't lie, I built the car for rallyx, mudding, and four-wheeling and did exactly that. However, I do daily drive this and have no real concern about it getting me from point a to b.
Why: Buying a Jeep Rubicon (found one)
When will it be for sale: For sale

-Depo Black Crystal Clears
-Amber Corner Lights
-JDM V5/6 Grill
-Rare "Impreza" Antenna Delete
-Seibon Carbon Fiber ReVerse Cowl Hood Scoop
-Rally Armor UR Red Mudflaps
-Rare JDM Tommy Kaira Rear GF Wing
-JDM Wagon Roof Rails
-JDM GF Tail Lights
-Dark Performance Rear Tow Hook
-Windows tinted

-Sparco Racing Harness's for DriVer and Passenger

-KYB Tophats
-Rare JDM ProdriVe Bilstein Struts (blown)
-King Lift Springs from Australia
-Jackson Rally 1" Lift Kit
-Paranoid Fabrications 1/4" Spacers in the Front
-Paranoid Fabrications 1/2" Saggy Butt Spacers in the Back
-Suba Performance Front Strut Bar
-Paranoid Fabrications Rear Quick Release Green Strut Bar
-22mm Whiteline Rear Sway Bar
-Kartboy Endlinks

-Hawk Brake Pads

-Paranoid Fabrications Basic Grounding Kit
-Supers Single Port UEL Headers
-Gutted Catalytic ConVerter
-HKS Midpipe
-Crawford Gymkhana Axleback Exhaust (loud... way loud)

-Rallitek 4EAT Transmission Poly Insert Mount
-RS25 Torquemada Mod (basically "locks" it in 4WD)

Underbody Protection
-Replica ProdriVe Stage Rally Skid Plate (6061 Aluminum, 60 x 38 inches with custom mounting brackets)

-91-94 15" Subaru Legacy Turbo Wheels Sprayed Gunmetal
-15" MB Steel Wheels

-205/60/15 hankook I-Pikes (~50% of tread left)

-Viper Car Alarm / Remote Start

Parts Not Installed
-Rareisk JDM Replica Ganador Side Mirrors
-Stainless Steel Brake Lines
-Razo A/T Shift Knob
-RS Manual Center Console Trim
-STi Rear Sway Bar
-98 RS small projector fog lights
-Rare 97-98 Forester 4EAT Tommy Kaira Gauge Cluster (wiring harness needs to be repinned in order to get this to work)
-CXRacing Aluminum Radiator
-Shift Light​

The Bad:
-Hood needs to eventually be replaced... was in a minor accident (found a primered hood for $80 in Ohio)
-Hood latch/hood release is broken because of minor accident (just use hood pins)
-No radio antenna... use the aux line for internet radio/ipod
-Window tint on the passenger rear is starting to peel
-Torquemada mod needs to be soddered in
-Front bumper is chipped and cracked
-DriVer rear seat belt is broken/stuck
-NO LONGER HAS THE GRAVEL EXPRESS PUSHBAR OR DUAL PROJECTORS...:( As well as Prodrive floor mats and prodrive intake scoop.

The Ugly:
-Power steering pump is leaking... or a line is leaking which causes it to smoke
-Radiator support needs to be replaced
-Radiator needs to be replaced... have a new one, but need a trans cooler and slim fans to make it work.
-Front wheel bearings need to be replaced
-Tie-rod rubber boots are torn... so probably need to be replaced
-All four struts are blown (can be rebuilt by Bilstein for $79 a strut)
-ABS sensor needs to be replaced... come on sooner than later

Price: Looking to get around $2200 or best offer.

This was before the accident and the most current one I have...:facepalm:

Current as of 2-3 weeks ago after I installed the new headlights, corner lights and got the hood a smidge fixed...

IG: @RHD_Adventures
2005 Legacy GT Wagon 5 Speed
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Honestly, don't know how to price it with the work that needs to be done. I'm hoping that's right around what people would pay.

IG: @RHD_Adventures
2005 Legacy GT Wagon 5 Speed
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Rear ended someone when I was sitting at a stoplight...:( Got distracted (checkin out a girl I wont lie) and thought the light turned green... yaaa the light was still read...:bonk:
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