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2000 Imp 5 door Sport
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UPDATE 1/10/10


I guess its about time i bit the bullet and do a member journal (i miss VB garage)

2000 OBS green and tan will all the options except fog lights and keyless entry but its a 5spd and from what i have been told is farly rare to get all the options and a 5spd.

I have had my snot rocket (my car) for just a hair over 3 years now and i don't want to think the time and money in it.

i bought it from a dealership in my home town with 32,000 miles for a STEAL of a price in 2004 i guess and old lady who i talked to traded it in on a legacy auto she was tired of the 5spd.

i don't have to many pics of her in the early years since i still have yet to own a camera but im going shopping to get one over thanksgiving since my parents said i get one for my birthday back in oct.

Mods List

TGV deletes
3mm Phonic spacers
ported intake manifold
agency power charge pipe
Perrin intake
Perrin crank pulley
group N motor mounts
Greddy type RS BOV
Ground Kit


catless uppipe wrapped
header wrap
06 WRX turboback

Drive train
Short Shift – Cut down from stock
Rear bushings – Whitelines rear Xmember bushings
ACT HD clutch and presure plate
Hydro clutch swap
STI trans mount

Wheels and Tires

RS 5 spokes - Blacks now
Khumo SPT's - 225/50/16 needs a 5 MM spacer and HEAVY rolling in the fenders on stock suspension

Fronts – 04 WRX with Hawk HPS pads
Lines – GoodRidge SS lines
Single Stage brake boaster – I love it
SVX master Cyl

Rear Discs swap

Whiteline rear sway bar – 20-24 MM Adj
Whiteline rear end links – steel end links could not afford the alloys
Whitline Steering rack bushings
Whiteline Front Sway Bar – 20-22 MM Adj
Whiteline Alloy front endlinks
Paranoid fabrication Fender Braces
BC racing coil overs 7k5k - FING SWEET
rear strut tower bar

Glove box plate removal – this is worth the 10 mins to do the thing is 4 pounds
Gauge housing – took out silly cubby and added the din box I like the CD player up there and adds to the lines of the car from the outside because it mimics the hood scoop
Blocked plate – ABS over old CD player din and has become switch panel and gauges soon
Delete mirror – I never used my rear view mirror and it never stayed adjusted with the sub anyway so I made a nice block off plate
Rear lights – who ever designed a wagon with out a light in the back should be shot
Corbue Forza - love the seat kinda a pain to get in and out but whatever
Sabelt 3 Point – (Sabelt makes almost everyones harness)
Homemade leather shift boot – looks good don’t it
Keyless entry
Scan Gauge 2 – might be the best mod for the money
Paranoid fabrication Fire ext mount

Stereo – gets its own category because I have too much money in it to mix it in

Alpine 98XX head unit
6.5” Polk components front door with tweets if factory location
4” Rockford fosgates in the rear doors
10” competition Polk Momo sub in their matched box – can re adjust my out side mirrors with it most people don’t believe me its just one 10 when they hear it I would swear by this sub VERY accurate not just bass you can hear the difference in felt bass drum pedals and rubber ones its just amazing
500 watt alpine digital amp under drivers seat
Rammat – all doors trunk and full inside minus floor boards but I did get the most of the fire wall great stuff makes dynomat look like crap


Depo black corners
RS side Skirts
Debagging – dealership plate gone, outback gone, OBS from the rear doors gone. I’m OCD so I debagged the windows there are little Subaru OK and other safety stickers on them, and AWD on the rear side glass. Had to keep Subaru on the back they look to boring with it removed I think
Tinted Taillights – just the turns
RS front bumper
stock fogs - i like the look beter
HIDs - only in the stock fog housing SUPER bright 4.3k i need to get projectors now for the headlights
Mesh covers
second set of no name lights - almost pointless
Replica Rally armor mud flaps - homeade
J30 headlights i made myself with HID lows

CURRENT STATE Updated 12/19/09


2000 Imp 5 door Sport
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oldest one that i think i have this is about a year and a half old i think

only pic i have right now of the new bumper

front brake parts

latest motor shot

I have to get some more pics. ill try and get some taken saterday
New Rotas

2000 Imp 5 door Sport
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took about 10 mins if that. when you open you glove box take it off and then there are i think 4 screws on the glove box and then glove box will split in half and will leave you with a big metal plate i think i have a pic of it

i lied i don't have a pic of it.

buy ya just start pulling the glove box apart. just take out screws on the opening door part and will open up and its not hard to miss since it's as big as the door its self

2000 Imp 5 door Sport
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Why did you take the top wing off? It looks a lot better with it..
cause the center tab never stays put and it ends up artching up. i really never liked it. i want one of the ebay vortex generator things (the shark fins) sometime but budget is super tight right now

STi swapped SF5, WTF?
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The new bumper look very nice.

I too thought it wierd that you removed your top wing, are they factory? OEM stuff usually fits really good.

2000 Imp 5 door Sport
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yes it was factory. when it got warm outside it would exspand and bow up in the middle i have looked at the one other OBS (auto) in town that has the top wing and it artchs realy bad

2000 Imp 5 door Sport
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bought an ebay rear strut tower bar and i will do a write up on it and show you how to make a real strut tower bar
i think i just sold the DD wheels and tires and hopfully by december it will be on gramlight 57cs and falken 452's

1997 Subaru Obs White 2.2L 5MT
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Do you still have the wing you took off? The new wheels sound awesome. +1 for that writeup, keep the updates coming!
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