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2001, 2.5RS, seminole red
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OK so the other day i was driving and i was approaching a red light and depressed the clutch pedal and it shot to the floor and stayed there, i coasted into a parking lot and noticed that my slave cylinder was leaking from the boot (obviously busted) so i bought a new one and tried to bleed it and as soon as it built enough pressure it repeated itself and blew that one as well. after being extremely irritated i took off the boot cover to the fork and starting playing with the fork, i can pull it back all the way to the front of the car to where it makes contact with the square hole for the fork against the trans with no resistance (its a pull type pressure plate, not push) basically i can pull the fork or push it with no resistance. but wen i push it towards the back of the car i hit a snag and i have to force it to where it goes back a bit further.

any ideas? could my throwout bearing be bad causing the slave to overshoot therefore causing it to blowout? the pedal stays to the floor and i threw some RTV over the busted seal in the slave to hold a tiny bit of pressure and it pushes the fork all the way back with that little bit of pressure it has and the clutch never disengages even though the fork is completely depressed.

you guy's opinions? i would love to drive my RS being i just put coilovers on it while it was broke and really want to see how it rides. Thanks fellow RS25 friends.
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