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95/99 Brighton STi
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**** Latest #1-post-worthy Pictures ****

Instagram: STi_SIMER

The rally gods have spoken and have presented me with a great opportunity. The time to retire my rust-bucket 99 RS chassis has come.


Natalie, a 1997 Brighton coupe - 1.8L, 5MT, 164k - $960 split down the middle with a friend. He wants the AWD setup, I want the shell :naughty:

The body isn't perfect by any means but its a solid foundation to build off of.

The plan: To swap EVERYTHING over from this --> SIMER's super-ultra-mega JDM V5 RSTi Type R Ltd


95/99 Brighton STi
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Current Mod List -


JDM 1999 V5 STi Type RA Limited Heads
- OEM camshafts [IN 242, EX 248]
- OEM sodium filled exhaust valves
- mild port work
- oil galleys smoothed
- valve seats freshened
- valves acid dipped
- new 02-05 USDM WRX guide seals
- turbo oil feed line filter REMOVED
- NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs - Stock #2667 - BKR7EIX

JDM 92-96 EJ20G case halves
- oil squirters, closed deck,
- converted to #5 thrust bearing - machined by Motion Machine Inc
- 92.5mm pistons fitted w/ .0020" - machined by Motion Machine Inc
- oil pick-up-to-pump galley ported and smoothed
- oil pump-to-filter galley ported and smoothed
- EJ257 crankshaft - brand new, 12200AA330, heat treated
- King XPG main and rod bearings - STD size, 52mm, #5 thrust
- EJ257 forged rods - These will be adequate for my power goals.
- Mahle PowerPak stroker pistons - 92.5mm, 79mm stroke 8.0:1 CR. 4032 forged
- ARP head studs
- OEM main/case bolts

11mm oil pump - extra shim, two total.

Gates Racing timing belt kit [TCK328RB]

OEM water pump

05-07 V8 STi oil pan + Moroso pick-up tube

OEM 99-00 V5/6 gasket set - OEM HG's, etc.
- Grimmspeed 8mm phenolic IM spacers.

Group N engine mounts

Merged Wiring Harness by IWire
- 1999 RS & 1999 STi

Exhaust -
- Replica Jun Header/Uppipe - 1.5 Scroll, EGT bung added, wrapped in DEI lavarock wrap
- RS*R GT2 Ex-Mag Downpipe - bellmouth, cat-less and 3".
- Gimmick Motorsports V3 3" catback --- v-band midpipe->axleback flange, stainless, resonator-less
- OEM Turbo Heat Shield trimmed to fit the bellmouth downpipe
- IHI VF28 Turbo
- AEM UEGO Wideband o2 Sensor

Intake -
- K&N Cone Air Filter - model RC2960
- K&N DryCharger Air Filter Wrap - 22-8049DK
- K&N MAF Adapter Plate w/ cone filter brace
- GSP Silicone turbo inlet [v5/6 application] - this was a bit of a gamble but mine was torn sooo
- GR (08-14) STi TMIC
- 02+ BPV conversion
- Custom IM-to-TMIC brackets
- v5/6 intake manifold

Phase 1 radiator with built-in oil cooler (capped for now)

Hayden-1009 power steering cooler

Type-K thermocouple (soon to be installed)

Zerosports GC/GF Intercooler splitter

Air Conditioner delete Brighton's AC works so I'll probably switch it over to the EJ207

Fidanza Aluminum Lightweight 6MT flywheel
- New friction plate for my fidanza flywheel part# 229501. Apparently the same as the older supra's.

DIY TMIC sprayer utilizing OEM timer and manual momentary switch in parallel

2003 WRX gas tank
- OBD1 conversion
- Walbro 255LPH Fuel Pump + install kit


USDM v8 STi Gearbox - TY856WH4MA
- 3.900, DCCD
- AP Suretrac FLSD
- 100k miles

1999 V5 STi Type RA DCCD Module and Thumbwheel

2001 V7 STi Type RA Spec C Rear Diff
- R180, 3.900 FD, Plated RLSD
- Whiteline rear diff to subframe bushings [W92835]
- Whiteline outrigger to chassis bushings [W91379]

Exedy Stage 1+ Clutch kit [15803HD] - not happy as it rattles at idle

Beatrush Trans Mounts

Group N rear shifter bushing


Stance Super Sport coilovers
- [Front 8KG / 175mm] [Rear 6KG / 200mm]
- Front and rear camber plates
- Inverted Dampers

GC8 92-00 STi alloy front lower control arms (LCA's)
- Whiteline anti lift kit (ALK) with motorsport poly bushings
- Whiteline poly front bushings
- Whiteline Roll Center Adjustment kit - KCA313

2005 STi Front Sway Bar and Mounts - 20mm
- Energy Suspension FSB mount polyurethane bushings - 19.5101
- Perrin Spherical Front Endlinks [PSP-SUS-110]

1999 V5 STi Type RA Rear Sway Bar, Mounts/Bushing - 20mm
- Perrin Spherical Rear Endlinks [PSP-SUS-210]

2005 V8 STi Steering Rack w/ hybrid knuckle
- Whiteline HD Steering Rack Bushings - KSR206

Prothane trailing arm bushing kit - 16-301


Subaru STi 4/2 Pot Calipers

07 WRX Front Rotors
- EBC GreenStuff Pads

KNS 4K gravel spec rear rotors - KNS4656 (190mm parking brake, 2 pot sized rotor)
- EBC YellowStuff Pads

Motul 600 brake fluid

1999 RS Master cylinder


SPT Front Strut Tower Bar

eBay Rear Strut Tower Bar

JDM 92-00 STi Front & Rear Lightweight Bumper Beams

2005 V8 STi Front Crossmember

2005 V8 STi Rear Crossmember

RalliTek Skidplate - RTEK-112950


99 RS 5 Spoke Goldies - 16x7" - winter wheels
-General Alitimax Arctic Snow Tires 205/55R16 -- dd snows

ADR Flite 5's - 17"x7" 5x100, +42 offset, 16-ish lbs - DD summer wheels
- DIY Custom "STi" Center Caps
- 225/45 Sumitomo something-or-other

SSR Competitions 17x7.5" +50, 13 lbs
- 235/40 Yokohama A005 Competition Race Tires

Rays (Volk) Duralumin 23g Tamper-proof Lug Nuts
General Altimax Arctic Snow Tires 215/45R17 ---> the new super studded ice racing tires


Gauges -
- JDM V5/6 STi Type R Gauge Cluster w/ DCCD display
- AEM UEGO Wideband o2 Gauge
- Innovate Motorsports dual oil temp/oil pressure gauge [MTX 3852]
- Greddy Mechanical Boost Gauge (BAR)

- Bee* R Rev Limiter [FOR SALE]

2000 V6 STi Spoiler
- Replica
- Carbon Fiber

V5/6 STi Carbon/Kevlar Fog Covers
- Replica

V5/6 STi front lip

v5/6 STi Rear Spats

v5/6 STi Front & Rear Aeroguards

Vanity plate - [TYPE RA] plate bracket

USDM 2003 V7 WRX Front & Rear Seats

Sparco Reflex Pedals

JDM 98-00 STi Hazard Switch

Alpine Digital Media Player

Depo Black Housing Turn Signals

Depo Black Housing Headlamps

Deop Black Housing Corner Lamps

Rally Pig Sticker ;)[/quote]

95/99 Brighton STi
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Put the Buddyclub's back on the RSTi and the RS goldies on the Brighton. Already a big improvement in the looks dept!


00 rsti
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I would love to do something like this start with nothing but a clean undercoated shell and swap everything over. This will be neat to see your process

1999 Impreza 2.5RS Coupe
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I think a LOT of us (especially those in the Rust Belt) would like to find a chassis like this and swap things over to a rust-free Impreza. I know I'd be much happier knowing all the work I put into my RS now would still be around for awhile on a solid clean chassis instead of the patchwork rust-saved coupe shell it's all stuck to now.

Looking forward to the transformation!!

95/99 Brighton STi
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I've been looking for about a year now for a CLEAN and AFFORDABLE coupe chassis. Not and easy combination to find. This was just dumb luck (and maybe good karma paying off??) that it was in my area.

2001 Impreza RS - Black
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It doesn't help that the key handling features of these cars draw them to areas that are more prone to that damn cancer rot.

95/99 Brighton STi
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Got some work done on the Brighton on Sunday. Rally guys work on cars outside in the dirt :boxer:

the girl breaking bumper beam bolts loose

rear bumper cover, beam, tail-lights, spare tire, trunk mat gone.

front bumper cover, beam, head-lights, corner lights, grill, splash guards gone

front and rear seats, A+B+C pillar covers, rear seat panels gone

Door panels and sills gone

Ziptied some heavy-duty tarps on the sides.

95/99 Brighton STi
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yea it would be the perfect time. chances are it probably wont happen :(

The subaru of many acronyms
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Why not, strip it, stitch weld and undercoat the thing like crazy, screw having another rusty car 5 years down the road.

95/99 Brighton STi
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We'll see. I'm all about not having a rusty car again but I don't think stitch welding will help ;) it's going to get a hearty undercoating regardless

Got these in the mail today

95/99 Brighton STi
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thanks, its not terrible. gotta invest in some citronella candles; got my first mosquito bite today :eek:

not too many surprises ....yet :run:

95/99 Brighton STi
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I'm pretty happy with it. "EJ207" was my first choice but apparently it's taken.

Another update; moving right along. Tackled the center console and dash.

Bad, dark pic of the "before"

center console and lower dash gone

I have only removed and installed a 98-01 dash so this one took me a bit longer than I was hoping for, but its gone and hopefully will be sold at some point????

next will be the beam, hvac, wiring, steering column, etc

95/99 Brighton STi
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Pulled the beam, hvac, and bulkhead wiring loom last night. Had to drain coolant system in order to pull the hvac without making a mess so we ended up removing the radiator as well. Torque air box was also removed for access to the heater core hoses/clamps and parts of the bulkhead loom.

not sure whats up with the quality of the pics so I may update these


gm2 coupe / gf4/ cb7 saloon
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Didnt even know u had another project untill i heard about it in your other journal. mystic blue metallic looks just like my car. i wish i had the help on my own build like that very nice.. EDIT: i just now got done reading your build on the rs you've come a long way. wish i had the knowledge u have, lotsa hard work and it shows.
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